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直指 Direct Pointing Out -潇洒走一回 An Unimpeded Trip?

◎ 潇洒 xiāosǎ
(1) [natural and unrestrained;light-hearted;be lifted above the sordid bustel of life]∶ [神情举止] 自然大方, 不呆板, 不拘束(神情潇洒)

(2) [negligent;un conventional]∶不拘谨的或无拘束的;不矫揉造作的

not obstructed or hindered.
"an unimpeded view across the headland"

synonyms: unrestricted, unconstrained, unhindered,unblocked, unhampered, free, open, clear,unchecked, uninhibited, untrammelled, unlimited


Case 1

2009 - Seattle temple, Group cultivation session.
GM Lu read out loud a letter from Lian-ye (green lotus - Taiwan).
LY made statements that Enlightenment is nothing much and no need to place too much importance on it.
AND - he told GM Lu that if he is enlightened, please do not announce.

The Enlightenment Bug!


Case 2

2009 - At a White Matter Chanting venue, after the chanting session.
I was asked by Reverend QG, what am I doing now as a reverend.
My reply was: I am conducting the English version of 4 Preliminaries Practice at local chapter, SC.

Reverend QG loudly criticised: Who said that cultivate 4 Preliminaries Practice can attain Buddhahood!

O! This one as per GM Lu's recent speech, is in grave danger of descending to Vajra Hell.
GM said: not enlightened claimed to be enlightened, is Fraud!
Severe crime of lying to all Buddhas, Boddhisattvas, Dharmapalas, ......all beings (That have inherent Buddha's potential).

If QG believes that 4 Preliminaries Practice cannot attain Buddhahood, why is he a party to all the sessions of white matter chanting using GM Lu's sadhana?

O! He is not just a paltry party too!
He is the king-pin of the session! :)


Case 3

LR to his wife, LK: you must cultivate 4 Preliminaries first then Guru Yoga.
Cannot do Guru Yoga yet.

I asked him why he can and his wife can't.

LR said that when he went to Wenshi at local chapter, VM Lian Huo told him that as he has been practicing 4 Preliminaries Practice for some time, he can now advance to practice Guru Yoga.

LH has always claimed that he is the most senior of GM Lu's disciple!


Case 4

2009 Seattle Temple - days before Autumn event.
VM Lian Ning passed by me and said: "Chu-jia! " you fell for the trap!
I replied: Who trapped who?
GM Lu announced him as being enlightened but at the same time, told all students to help LN to change his unwholesome habits.
And anyone can walk up to him to remind him that an enlightened one should not yell or shout and must be reasonable!

Caotun temple after event and GM Lu is doing his "Mo-ding" rounds.
VM Lian Ning came shouting repeatedly : Are you Lian Chu fashi?

As he reached me he started asking questions and repeating them twice! 
One question is whether I have something personal against him.
The other one was did I received a letter from Core.
Then he said that maybe shimu wants to see me.
And, I reproduced what GM Lu taught me "astrally" - If shimu wants to see me, please tell as Shimu or VM?
He almost ran!

Then he rushed over a second round, shouting repeatedly that shimu wants to see me and I am to follow him!  
When I refused, he rushed away saying that I am very high and warning me to beware of disciplines.


There are more of these students and their mindsets shared in this blog. 
Thanks to them, we have life-saving and educational materials.

Dear all, do not play play with anyone when you still have a long long way to enlightenment!

In Case 1, LY claimed to GM Lu, that he has no interest in being announced as Enlightened.
What is his motive?

Thinking to deflect the greed for recognition in denouncing?
Don't play games with a Living Buddha and your root guru!

The very act of writing a letter is great evidence that the Enlightenment Bug has bitten you and you are in fever already!

一心不乱 - a stable or steadfast heart that cannot be affected into chaos!

Having the thought and what it encompassed AND putting into writing your thoughts?
You are telling not only GM Lu but the whole world how much Enlightenment Fever you have!


In Case 2, QG as per fellow students info, is illiterate. Can't read and write.
BUT, not knowing fully what he is doing all the time, and denouncing 4 Preliminaries Practice, what is he doing?

He chucked GM Lu out!
He chucked Buddha dharma out!
Yet he claimed that his method of bardo delivery is specially transmitted by GM Lu to him only!


After all these years of white matter rituals that he performed, how much Fraud has he perpetuated and karmic enemies he made?

Dear all, remember GM Lu said that 4 Preliminaries Practice is required for Anu Yoga?

AND, those that think that you can drop 4 Preliminaries and "advance to" or "move on to" Guru yoga, are the ones that have yet to get any Yogic union or response from 4 preliminaries practice and guru yoga and any yoga!

Teaching others something that is not true, is also Fraud and hinders others' ways to the Bodhi Path!

Case 4?
The world is aware that he don't behave as an enlightened one should! :)

Dear all, want to have An Unimpeded Trip to this sentient realm and then return to Pureland?

OR, an Unhindered one Direct to Vajra Hell?


Why did GM Lu brings up Fraud and Vajra Hell?

I got the message to apply the same to those that always use Disciplines as Threat and as Authority to penalise others!

Sunzi's Art of War - To give someone a taste of his own medicine
孙子兵法中一种 - [以其人之道,还治其人之身]

Ah! Case 3, the student LR, believed the VM's words and apply to himself and also his spouse and I also noticed to other fellow students too!

So LR locked himself into a self-made case and attempted to "Live-up" to the expectations of this case or mindset or perception.
In simple words, he has to continue to put on a show to maintain the sentient expectation of his perception of "Advance Student"!

I recently shared this again -法无定法! There is no Fixed dharma or methods or ways!

How to be Free and Unimpeded on a trip when you have so much Fixation!

And to those that made these remarks: That Lian Chu fashi really no good, she only teach 4 Preliminaries Practice. 


Yes! Lian Chu fashi is real lousy! 
Only know 4 Preliminaries!

Please go examine the 4 Preliminaries Practice Sadhana compiled by this no good Lian Chu fashi and pinpoint the "No good"!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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