Wednesday, November 4, 2015

直指 Direct Pointing Out - 度众生 Succour Sentient Beings [2]

There are beings in the Homa fires and also smoke figures too!
All these also Sentient beings that all Buddha's students vowed to succour at refuge taking ceremony! :)
So all these events offer a chance for those beings who wish to purify themselves and get delivered.

Well, another channel that most are not aware of but GM Lu has shared in his book Rainbow Body Attainment [3], under Samadhi Boddhicitta 三摩地菩提心!

GM Lu has written much on these too!

Holding events in Hell; teaching those beings in Hell how to cultivate 9-cycle breathing technique; and much much more...

Then entering dreams of students or those with affinity, to help them.

The criteria for this method is the cultivator must be able to enter Samadhi to execute Boddhicitta! :)


A bit difficult for most!!!

Now, Dream Yoga 梦瑜伽!

When you Yoga in your dream with any yidam of choice, you are also in a state of Samadhi! :)

In this dream state, one share lots of goodies as well with those spirits that most can't see.

I have taught many of these spirits in my dreams too!

The most recent one is this morning, my 8-steps exercise to help to ease blood and Qi flow and also in the long run to clear blockages in our systems!

YES! Some spirits are ill too and need medical advice!

Hahaha! I am not bluffing when I said I am very busy!!!
Really don't have much time to play play with ignorants!

Remember one of the Five knowhow五明 is Medical Knowledge医明? :)

Yes! A true yogi and potential Buddha needs all the basic "Ingredients"!

Wisdom and knowledge and then application.

Is it any use to shout or yell or bully anyone and force them to obey you?

Can you count how many beings in total that you truly saved or succoured?

When your answer is Immeasurable, you are a Buddha!

Thats what GM Lu has done, succoured immeasurable beings!
Thus he is a living buddha!


Don't make any false claims please.

You only harm yourself!

Remember my advice?

True Repentance after recognition and admission of wrong doing, is your only route out of Vajra Hell!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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