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莲厨的疯狂游戏 -长幼有序 Lotuschef's Crazy Games - Hierarchy of Senior over Junior

Zen Patriarch Reverend Hui-neng. 

【拼音】zhǎng yòu yǒu xù

人生是一個舞台。Life is a dance stage.
佛在遊戲。Buddha is at play.
你在遊戲。You are at play.
Establish or form an affinity through a play/game, which will abide forever.

Forever realistic and alive.

Now, lets have FUN! :)

Why crazy games?
Crazy as in the eyes of sentient minds! 
BUT, not in the Buddha's view!

2009 - Seattle Temple.
One morning before Group cultivation, fashi lian-you said to me and some fellow fashi - "You all must sit behind me as you all ordained much later than me. Don't you all know the rule?"

What most of us "juniors" were doing every cultivation session is being considerate, and filling up the front rows so that the fashi leading cultivation don't need to raise his/her voice. 
Also a morale boost to the one leading cultivation, to not see an almost empty hall! 

However, thanks to this fashi, I went ahead and sit right at the back, which is my preference. I also choose to sit in the back row at school from primary school all the way through. 
I am pretty tall and don't want to block those that are shorter from seeing what is written on the board by the teacher.

Now, our Zen Patriarch Hui-neng!

He came to 5th Zen Patriarch later than most of his fellow students.
He is also illiterate!

BUT, his knowledge and use of Buddha Dharma far surpass all his fellow students!

Now those VMs and etc. that use the Senior thingy to "make-belief" that they have cultivated well and have the power to do this and that!


GM Lu pricked their euphoric bubble by stating that "most of those VMs sitting beside me have yet to yoga with me!"


GM Lu has gurus and students that are older than him in age as well as refuge in Triple Gems.
But many took refuge with him and study under him.

In Buddhism, the Hierarchy of Senior over Junior only apply to in the context of [How much has one cultivate in all his lifetimes] and not only this one!

Crazy? No!

The story of 5th Zen patriarch, Hong-ren, is yet another good example!
He was rejected by the 4th Zen patriarch because he is too old.
He "borrowed" the womb of a young lady and get reborn and met the 4th Patriarch again and was then accepted as a disciple and the next patriarch.

It is the amount that One has cultivated or the levels that One has attained in Cultivation that denotes "Senior" in the Buddhist arena and not Senior in the number of years that one has taken refuge or be ordained! 


If you continue to lock yourself in this "Time Capsule", you will not be able to "Move-on" to the next stage in cultivation at all! 

Come out of Self Imprisonment NOW!

O! also the "BIG" Lotus child 大莲花童子 distinction is yet another Capsule that most get imprisoned! 

Dualism is your enemy!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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