Wednesday, November 4, 2015

直指 Direct Pointing Out - 度众生 Succour Sentient Beings [1]

2015年11月1日 蓮生活佛 盧勝彥法王主持「金剛總持護摩法會」暨講授「大圓滿法」──「一真法界」即是輪迴,也是涅槃

Living Buddha vowed: Will not neglect or leave out anyone, sentient being.

而True Buddha School是心靈殘缺收容所,聖人已經很接近完美了,還是有缺點。And TBS is a refuge for those with faulty souls or heart spirits, Saints are close to perfection, still have faulty points.

Living Buddha Lian Sheng understand what is sentient being, thus should not slander or defame, just right them back.

Need to slowly or gradually right them back with unique methods, also cannot harm them, cannot let them get angry and walk off.

Maha Perfection Dharma will affirmed [One True Dharmadhatu], because of our behaviours or habits become Transmigration.

What is transmigration within the 6 realms?

It is Nirvana.

6 realms is one realm, 4 saint, 6 paths, 10 dharmadhatu, only the enlightened will know.

Dear all, go through the photos shown above .
What am I trying to share with you, or point out?

All sentient beings include the visible and invisible ones!

Therefore, before you next claim that you are succouring sentient beings, Stop Right There!


Best to stop you for making false claims which is Lying, a breach of one of the 5 major precepts!

Now think!

GM Lu said during the Melbourne event in 2010, when your root guru, principal yidam, dharmapala is absent from your cultivation session or event, YOU are in grave danger!

For those masters that made false claims of divine presences for their events, THEY are LYING! 

When they made these falsehood in exchange for monetary or other gains, they are MARKED for the Animal realm!

It means they created the Animal Realm and abide within, even though they are still alive in Human form!

AH! Now you know why some have features or auras of Animals!!!

So now, will you make sure to really listen only to GM Lu's guidelines?

Remember, do not be deceived by claims from fakes that they are sharing GM Lu's teachings or guidelines!!!

Remember that Buddha does not lie!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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