Friday, November 6, 2015

電視劇 TV Shows [2]

新濟公活佛  New Mad Monk

I just started on this one! :)

Its about Living Buddha Ji-gong, or Dao-ji and his exploits, but not really true stories! 

This story started with Ji-gong playing Chess with Moon Deity (The match-maker deity), somewhere "Up-there" (Heaven).
Sometime into the game, Ji-gong asked for wine and meat and Moon Deity advised him against having them in Heaven's territory.
But Ji-gong magically brought fought wine and meat and started eating!
Then the Buddha's voice was heard reprimanding Ji-gong for eating non-vegetarian food up in Heaven.
Then pronouncing his punishment as one month in the Human realm with all his divine powers stripped!


This age-old concept of Buddha and vegetarian diet!

Buddha advised against Killing and for food - indiscriminate killing or waste of lives lost for food if these food is wasted!

Remember the recent articles on Laba Congee?

Sakyamuni Buddha was starving himself for years to attain Buddhahood! 

BUT! Hungers hindered him from focusing.
It was said that after being served some congee by a passing maiden, Buddha attained Enlightenment.
Buddha also stated that One needs to nourish the body in order to cultivate!

Does the Buddha stipulates what others should give him in alms?

Criticising those meat eating yogi or cultivators?


Open your mind & learn how to cleanse or purify food before intake! 

Learn how to "Send off" the spirits of creatures that died to nourish your body!

AND, Buddha don't strip anyone of divine powers for misbehaving!
AND, endangering Ji-gong's life and those that he attempts to save from the villains! 
The resultant of which, in this drama show, great lost of lives!!!
Something anathema to Buddha's teachings!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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