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直指 Direct Pointing Out [1]

 Above: 2011 at Borobudur, Indonesia.
Below: 2010 Happy Hour for Seniors organised by Lotus Light Charity Singapore and it happens to be my birthday too!
See the abundance of light orbs present?

 Above: Pure Karma doing a charity Merit dedication event at Nirvana Memorial Garden in Singapore.

   Above: Lotuschef, as perceived by artist, Lotus YC, in the dining hall of Caotun temple, Taiwan.
Below: A photo captured during an event in Singapore. The yidam that came into mind is Sharpyinma 般若佛母.

 Above: A reddish purple hue during Pure Karma Semarang event.
Below: At the same event, this divine being graced our event.

 Above & Below: The abundance presence of Light orbs during Pure Karma events in Singapore.

 Above : The abundance presence of Light orbs during Pure Karma events in Malaysia.

Above & Below: Lotuschef during Pure Karma group cultivation in Singapore.
There is a "Shine" that one can present, only when one is really into cultivation and practicing Boddhicitta!

 Above: In Seattle temple, during Lotuschef's maiden dharma speech. Lotuschef was 53 years old then, but the youthful glow is not that of an old lady, agree? :)

 Above & Below: In cultivation in Singapore, alone and in group event in Indonesia.

Void actually becomes Infinite, unlimited, immeasurable!


B: yes! if you don't cultivate properly, you can't answer part two well!
can say that you can void all & in terms of TIME, u can cross the universe with One thought, so how to measure TIME? or even Distance travelled or Speed?

GM said: One thought n I get to go where I wanted to

hahaha! No one can measure a Buddha or affix any forms of measure or gauge!
7/29/14, 11:38 PM

B: well, cultivating with true knowledge of what you are doing is therefore very important
7/30/14, 12:19 AM

B: ya. GM said something about 3 times means many many, countless
Void actually becomes Infinite, unlimited, immeasurable!

so when you answer Void means Time is no longer an essence, because like other forms, everything don't exist liao--- this is still very sentient. to them Void means empty liao! Hahaha!

therefore must listen to GM attentively
8/11/14, 2:07 AM

B: looks like have to do charity bardo again!

actually when u gradually change your mindset to benefit all, you are cultivating WELL liao. then you will understand padma guru's condensed keys!

GM also gave condensed keys, thats why most still feeling in the dark but pretend to know n worse is they even show off something they don't know n fake knowledge!

B: I also don't bother about them n their stupid antics

actually from assignment one, we can see most have No Foundation
then went all the way out to hit at BB!

after realising that we can't judge BB, assignment 2 also didn't do well!

most didn't bother to submit their views on a Gem of True Buddha, shared by GM!

[3] can be easy if they understand that TIME is a commodity with Limits!

But when you "Arrived", One can Time travel or play with Time, and it no longer has importance liao!

not the become buddha then Time n everything is VOID!

hahaha! Thats what ... wrote too!

The Key for Time in [3] is Essence
there is no absolute void !

8/11/14, 12:39 AM

A: three pillars of time merge into one and are accessible
because there is Boddhicitta which can be transform infinitely if there are sentient beings in need.

all elements can be manipulated at Will!
8/11/14, 12:41 AM

B: all things are control by you, then Time is no longer an essence or something essential

just like cooking, it is only one ingredient only. you can also don't add it in!

now you have the Full answers to both questions in [3]

so its Demand & Supply that determines whether Time is essence or not! Hehe!

If i explain clearly again, people will continue to be lazy n reliant
but from the Void theory quoted by most, shows that they quote without understanding the Questions!
8/11/14, 1:15 AM

真正的醒來就 「心不覺」,而不是只是知道前五百世,後五百世。
Truly Awake is [Heart no feel], not only limited to knowing future 500 lifetimes, past 500 lifetimes.

[One true Dharmadhatu] is then Truly Awake or Enlightened.

Dear all, with the above, can you clearly attempt to comment on Assignment [3]?
Especially Part 2 of this assignment! :)
28-7-2014 Assignment 3 - Time 时间   OR http://purekarmavihara.org/2014/07/28/28-7-2014-assignment-3-time-%E6%97%B6%E9%97%B4/

[[ 在修行中的什么阶段 [时间]是 [精华/要]?
At what stage in cultivation [Time] is [Essence/Essential] ?

又在什么阶段 [时间]不是 [精华/要]?
And at what stage in cultivation [Time] is not [Essence/Essential]?]]

Please refer to:
31-1-2015 任運顯,清淨空 Execute at Will Reveals, Purity ...

The concept of Dharmadhatu which is Absolute Reality, boggles the mind of many! :)

You can attain this stage too if you stick closely to GM Lu's guidances and not stray away!

The Absolutely Enlightened Mind should be the ultimate target for all Buddha's students, concur?

Dear A1,
I am not a Guru in the eyes of the world yet. :)

The topic is the Factor of Time and its perception at different stages of Cultivation.

What you have shared is True, as thats the Basic concepts of perception of One's Life and one's path in this realm or during this visit to this realm. :)

Disciplined Mind is achieved through Mind Training or Lojong.
Therefore, giving your views or comments for Assignments and also on concepts shared by GM Lu or any other Gurus, will help your Minds develop gradually or grow towards Wisdom.

Please remember: The purpose of cultivation is to Break free from Poisons and Ultimately Transmigration within the 6 realms.

Dear all, 
figured out what I am trying to share with you or point out to you?


You can do it too!

You can look through all photos shared in this blog and "See For Yourself" what you can become when you put in sincere and due diligence in Cultivation with GM Lu's guidelines!!!

AND, Pointing Out is also Buddha's Language!

Only those with Affinity will understand!

AND, Pureland or Buddha Country is where ever you are too, when you find and use your Buddha nature for the benefit of All!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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