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Go Up to the Hill! 上山去吧!

Terjemahan Indonesia: Naik ke Atas Gunung Saja!
In Chinese: 上山去吧!Go Up to the Hill!
Source: 蓮生活佛 > 師尊文集 > 249_來自佛國的語言 > 上山去吧!

The following can be a step by step guide for you to [Yoga with Mother Nature]!
Not kidding!

Join me!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef


Go up to the Hill!

** - are commentaries to guide you into this Yogic Union with Mother Nature!
**Let us begin:-
At last, you find time to read and hopefully learn something. :)

Yes! Time to loosen up, let go and relax...
Now the introduction to spark your "mood" to [Operation - Relax] :)

When your body keep rolling in Red Dust (Sentient Realm), in worldly turbulence, in world's racket or uproar.

You are always floating, heart rise and fall, perplexed and unstable.

You would very much like to find a peaceful and silent bay to rest.

Why not go up to the hill?

**[Now we start to visualise Self walking into Mother Nature, guided by GM Lu's statements. Stay Focus! 
GM Lu is beside you now and showing you the sights!]

去看:Go see: 
緣草如茵。Green grass like carpet or mattress.
春暖花開。Blooming flowers in the warm spring day.
生機勃勃。Life teeming all around in exuberance.
迎接朝陽。Welcoming in the morning sun.

**[You should start to feel light and joy oozing from within, like a fountain now, and a constant will to smile and even giggle with happiness].

Or like a butterfly dancing amidst the flower bushes, when tired, solitarily dropped onto a tree's leaf, folded up both wings, without sound and movement.

進入了一片寂靜。Entering into a plain of solitary silence. 
YOU have already broken away from Sentient Dust/ Realm, like a brook quietly babbling, all interference, chaos, floated away with the wind!


All Truths of Mother Nature as if in your surrounding.

**[Now you should be at one with Mother Nature! :) ]

**Then with Mother nature's eyes......

Threading through the solitary and silent forest, come upon towering green hill, at its peak.

你體會到:You will experience:
遼闊。Great expanse.
空曠。Great Openness /spaciousness.

** Now the realisation.... 

You will know, one day you will have nothing, you will know you won't lost anything.
(No gain no loss).

現在你將知道Now you will come to know:
空洞。Empty cave or Emptiness
虛無。Illusionary non existence
無盡。Unlimited or Infinite

But, you received from within this "Ru yi bao - Gem to fulfill your wishes", unable to describe Gem or treasure.

你會知道:You will know:
The you of the past who chased fame and benefits, enjoy wine, sweet pretty women, this type of bustle, are your life's ideals?

You will understand, muddle and confuse dream of reality have left you far behind! 

Living in seclusion on the hill, will let you wake up!

Must have [Heaven & Human merge as one] , this type of mindset.

Want [Mutual response] then must be in this type of environment.

你可知道:Do you know:
When in Seattle's Ballard, I live in seclusion for 3years in [Ling Xian Ge]?

我在:I was:
苦學苦修。Studiously learning and cultivating.
苦行苦煉。Studiously executing and practicing.
茅屋陋室,非苦也!Cottage or hut dilapidated, not suffering!
簞食瓢飲,非苦也!Living frugally, not suffering!
破衣芒鞋,非苦也!Wearing tattered & torn clothes and shoes, not suffering!

無貪求。No greedy wants.
無嫉忌。No jealousy or resentment.
無怨尤。No grudges or worries.
無苦樂。No bitterness nor joy.

Cultivation must arrive at [One], the key is:

[No form, sound, smell, taste, feel] .



Had Fun?

If you feel great after the trip up the hill, in steps with GM Lu, you have also achieved the much elusive [Guru Yoga] too!

Yes! Not only [Yoga with Mother Nature]!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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