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直指 Direct Pointing Out – 上师相应 Guru Yoga

[--- 13. Guru Yoga

The Padmakumara Mudra

Form Padmakumara's hand mudra.

Visualise Padmakumara appears from the universe, blessing us with white (from his third-eye chakra), red (from his throat chakra) and blue lights (from his heart chakra). These lights cleanse the sins from the past lives and the present one.
Remember to sit up straight, keep your spine straight, then you can get the blessing!

Now visualise a HOM seed syllable from the mantra wheel in Padmakumara's heart chakra spinning and shooting a beam of great white light directed at your heart chakra.
The HOM seed syllable is now duplicated in your heart chakra (this seed is nurtured and will grow by your recitation of mantra and bodhicitta).

Optionally, you can transform the HOM syllable into a white-lighted lotus. It continues to emit great white light, filling you and spreading outwards.You are sharing this light with all.

Alternatively still, you can visualise yourself abiding serenely in the Maha Twin Lotus Pond of the Western Paradise.

We maintain this visualisation and we chant Guru's mantra.

Now remember, you are like the light bulb!
Once you are lighted, you continue to give out lights.

You can actually time your breathing to draw in and give out the light.
It is up to how you want to do it, but once you are lighted, you stay lighted – like a bulb, when you switch on the electricity, it is lighted until you switch it off.
Once you light it, don't switch it off. Continue to stay lighted!

We start to chant mantra.

Recite: OM. GURU. LIEN-SHEN. SIDDHI. HOM. (108x)

Feels good?
Once you’re lighted up, you feel lighter, feel brighter, there is a joy coming from within that oozes outwards, now maintain this visualisation.


Quoting from 直指 Direct Pointing Out -潇洒走一回 An Unimpeded Trip?:

[--- Case 3
LR to his wife, LK: you must cultivate 4 Preliminaries first then Guru Yoga.
Cannot do Guru Yoga yet.

I asked him why he can and his wife can't.

LR said that when he went to Wenshi at local chapter, VM Lian Huo told him that as he has been practicing 4 Preliminaries Practice for some time, he can now advance to practice Guru Yoga.

LH has always claimed that he is the most senior of GM Lu's disciple! ---]

[--- I wish to add that we have to truly bear in mind, GM's teachings.
GM teaches us to cultivate vajrasattva & padmakumara yoga well. 
Actually these two practices are truly amazing. 
I recently realized that they contains many variations. 
I have also told GM about these variations.

When chanting GM's mantra (during a cultivation session of 4 Preliminaries Practice at a local chapter - sometime in March 2009), I found myself in the centre of the Earth. --This happened after chanting mantra about 7 times only.

As I chant, the power of the mantra pushes all the negatives outwards. 
As these leave the Earth's surface, countless GM covered the Earth's surface.
If we compare with the Thousand multiplier Wheel mantra, these one multiplies by the number of sentient beings on Earth. 
Isn't this more powerful than the Thousand multiplier?

But what I realized recently is that this evolved from 4 immeasurable visualisation.
We treat all sentient being as self. 
During cultivation we transform them into self. 
Then when we merge with say GM, they all became GM too. 
All these from 4 immeasurable vows. ---]

Dear all, 
I hope you all realised by now that those seniors who claimed that they can this and that and have great dharma power, are mostly Fakes! 

Within 4 Preliminaries Practice and All practices set out by GM Lu, one of the step is [Guru Yoga]!


Root Guru is our only Link to the Universe and Buddhahood!
As the Only Key to open the door, Root Guru's presence is a must!

Therefore, when a veteran student, a VM, instructed you that as you have cultivated 4 Preliminaries for sometime, you can now advance to GuruYoga, this student has yet to achieve success with Guru Yoga!

I am not talking bad, am I?
I am Telling the Truth as it is, only! :)

In my maiden dharma speech on 7 November 2009 in Seattle Temple, as I chanted Guru's mantra, I transformed into Root Guru, Living Buddha Lian Sheng!
It happened after I chanted the mantra only 7 times!

And in the practice, we chant this mantra 108 times!


You have more than enough time to transform into Root Guru and have fun!

Tell you some more? :)

All Divinities do not know you!
But they know our Root Guru, The White Padmakumara, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng!

So, your most important key is Root Guru's presence in any of our practices and endeavors, agree?

Am I crazy in telling you all these truths?

Why listen to a sentient being when you have a Living Buddha as your root guru?

Wake up and wisen up too!

Don't let any being bound for Hell or even Vajra Hell, be your leader or "boss"!

O! You don't need a crazy lama like me too! 


Just your root guru will do! 

As to how to choose a real guru, read this article by GM L:

Quoting from 大藏經的卷帙 Within Tripitaka's Folder:

[--- 這位明師一定是:This knowledgeable teacher must be:
絕貪去欲。Severed greed and removed desires/cravings.
返樸還淳。Return to plain and back to honest.
清淨無為。Naturally Pure.
遊心於佛。Heart travels with Buddha.
不馳外務。Not busy with Other Matter (Other than Buddha's matter).
絕名絕利。Severed Fame, Severe Benefits.

This then is a true [knowledgeable teacher]! If not, then cannot teach dharma.

If not as listed above, then wasting time and money following a wrong teacher. ---]


Hahaha! Most have been attending cultivation sessions and blindly followed through what were doled out, WITHOUT understanding what they are doing!

Don't waste your limited lifetime to this realm anymore!

If you can't achieve Yogic union, blame yourself for following the wrong people!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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