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Spanish Ercolini Pear

The regulatory Council of the PEAR of Jumilla obtained in February 2005 their Grand Prize, the protected designation of origin. It was the culmination of a project sponsored by a group of producers and companies of Jumilla that they believed in the quality differentiated from the Ercolini PEAR produced in this murcian town of quality recognized in the market and that it was necessary to protect and validate.

Jumilla is a traditional farming area of PEAR, dating the first news that are of this cultivation from the 16th century, during the reign of Philip II. In addition, in the area there are places such as the home of the Peral, in clear reference to the existence of this crop from distant times.

The Ercolini PEAR produced in Jumilla presents best fruit in terms of size, thickness of the peduncle, periforme rounded shape, productivity and taste, resulting in a PEAR Ercolini which differs from the produced in other regions. 

This PEAR is characterized by its unique organoleptic characteristics, having a pulp white and juicy, very sweet and sugary, slightly perfumed and with an excellent taste. 
Yellow on a green background, with red sheet on its face, it stands out for his early collection.


This pear belongs to the rose family and is a native to eastern Europe and western Asia where it has been cultivated since ancient times.
Today, the main producers are China and Spain. 

This variety of pear is grown in several regions of Spain, mainly Extremadura, Catalonia, Castile and León, Aragon, La Rioja and Murcia.

The pear is one of the most delicious fruits when eaten at the peak of ripeness. 
Its texture, shape, and color vary depending on its particular variety. 

The Ercolini (or Ercolina) pear is among the most consumed in our country. 

The ercolini plant is easily acclimated, and the fruit has a fascinating and attractive features. It is medium-sized, with a thin skin and a yellow color on a green background with red areas.

It has white, very juicy meat, with a delicious and aromatic sweet flavor. It is ideal for all types of diets, and especially suitable for teaching children to develop a taste for fruit due to its size, taste, and, of course, its nutritional value.

Properties of the Ercolini pear:
The pear has a variety of medicinal properties thanks to its high water and fiber content, as well as wealth of vitamins and minerals. 

The pear’s tannins contain astringent properties, making the consumption of ripe pears highly recommended for cases of diarrhea. 

It is also recommended for other digestive disorders such as gastritis and ulcers.
The soluble fiber which covers the pear not only regulates bowel movements but helps remove cholesterol. 

Because of its high water and potassium content, as well as the fact that it’s low in carbohydrates and sodium, it is recommended for high blood pressure and diabetes. 

It is also very advisable for people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism. 

The pear can be used in jams or in various recipes, but the best way to eat it is fresh, because that way one benefits the most from its properties.



Go try some today! 

A healthy body is a requirement for Successful Cultivation!

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