Sunday, November 15, 2015

步入瑜伽的基本功夫 Basic Preparation for Walking into Yoga

1. The Preliminaries

Before starting the cultivation, as a form of cleansing, take a bath and change your clothes, or you can wash your hands.
Afterwards, sit in a relaxed manner, straighten your spine, your tongue touching the roof of your mouth, and your eyes facing forward.

Start to hollow out by throwing away the stale air, stagnant air, and all the unhappiness.
In order to do so, you can yell “Ai” (Chinese word for “Love”) loudly.
You take a deep breath, hollow out from your Dantian (wiki: Elixir field, sea of qi), that is three to four fingers below your umbilical.
At your own timing, shout out “Ai” 3 times.

You should feel light, happy, and in the joyful mood.
你因该觉得轻松,快乐, 和在喜悦的心情中。

You should be in this frame of mind before starting the cultivation. 

Dear all, look through the photos above slowly.
Put yourself in a relax mood and enjoy the sceneries and try visualising that you are there too! :)

If you want to Yoga with Guru or Mother Nature as shared in articles -

Who say that 4 Preliminaries Practice does not lead to Buddhahood?

If you think the same, NOW is time you amend this erroneous mindset! :)

If you can't [walk-in-step] with your root guru, then you can't "Go up to the Hill!" and enjoy yourself, right?

Of course, without Root Guru's presence, you also can't merge with Mother Nature too! :)

Therefore, you will never know what is [Enter Me, Me Enter] as well! 

The Key to Yoga, do you have it?

Now if you go through the 4 Preliminaries Practice shared by Lotuschef in this blogspot (link above), you can match the steps to the one in GM Lu's article, [Go up to the hill!]
Once you mastered the steps in 4 Preliminaries Practice, you can surely enjoy Field Trips with GM Lu, as often as you like.
Because you have got the Key to Guru Yoga and once you opened this door, you always keep this door open!

As GM Lu said: Once Yoga, then forever Yoga.
Same as : Once enlightened, forever enlightened.

Remember Amex advertisement's slogan: "Don't leave home without it!" ?

In the case of Guru Yoga, Root Guru is with you always and No Way you can leave him behind! :)

Now, realised why so important to start from "Talking to Root Guru" when you want to learn cultivation of Tantra yoga?

The most important key to any yoga is [presence of root guru] as your middleman! 

Or like GM Lu said, Ragaraja 愛染明王 is a match-maker 媒人!


Pure Karma has lots of goodies shared in her blogs that can help the sincere cultivator as guide to be True Yogi. :)

Join us!

O! you must also like your root guru and mother nature, then you can achieve yoga!

I love my root guru and also mother nature!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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