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直指 Direct Pointing Out - 真正的開悟 True Enlightenment

2015年11月1日 蓮生活佛 盧勝彥法王主持「金剛總持護摩法會」暨講授「大圓滿法」──「一真法界」即是輪迴,也是涅槃

The following is an extract of GM Lu's speech and it is Buddha's language or Direct Pointing Out! 

Mentioned in the book <Tantrayana's Maha Perfection>:

Padmaguru said to me:

When Sakyamuni Buddha was watching bright stars at night, he sighted his nature and attain Buddhahood.

People of the world truly think that sighting of a star in the eastern direction.

If sighting a bright star then can realised path on one's own, now tantric practitioners can go look at an eastern star after 3 periods of dawn, and all then can attain Buddhahood after sighting the eastern star!

Of course not. I answered.

Padmaguru continure to instruct me as follows:

[Maha Perfection Dharma] pointed out that Prince Siddhratha's sight of the [Eastern star], is actually a Heavenly star inside his own body, and this Heavenly star is Light, must know that [Enlightened, one radiates wisdom] like looking at Heavenly star, this then is True Realise Path.

When Sakyamuni Buddha sighted the Heavenly Star, which is the Wisdom star within his own body, fearing that telling worldly people this fact, they will not believe, so has no choice but put upon the Eastern star!

Affirmation of Maha perfection dharma, this star is [One true dharmadhatu, not obvious but still bright].

This Heavenly star once sighted, then forever can see.

This Heavenly star if only lighted, forever bright, won't suddenly disappear.

Dharma King Lian Sheng expound:

By saying can see not surely can see, but is seeing own's wisdom generated brightness.

True Enlightenment, won't be enlightened today, tomorrow lost and blur, 
Enlightenment once enlightened then forever enlightened.


[Sighting bright star at night], on the other hand is seeing brightness emerge from within one's own heart, all dharani are inside Sakyamuni Buddha's heart, spoken from his mouth is all Truths, not actually sighting a bright star.

Understanding the Truth of the Universe then consider as Enlightened.

Worldly people can't figure out, you can figure out all.


Truly understand and can control self, heart spirit very whole and healthy, understand all worldly phenomena, at this time we are successful achievers.

Those if don't understand, will be jealous, be angry, be greedy, like a fool, living in this world must understand Truth then can increase wisdom.

In an article from the following book, GM Lu wrote about a student that had tried many methods of cultivation but didn't get any signs of yogic union or response.

From GM Lu's book 183:-

  • No Signs of Yogic Union 修法「無應」的現象

  • 寶勝佛答:Ratna Vijaya Buddha answered:

    There are 3 types of people that surely cultivate without response, these are, please listen closely:

    The first type - person whose heart is impetuous and angry

    Second type - person whose heart is insidious and vicious

    Third type - person whose heart is greed with cravings & desires that are limitless.

Dear all, 
If you fit the bill perfectly as mentioned above, then you are not enlightened at all! :)

I have not been slandering you, agree?

Unfortunately for you, or in your case, monopoly of one's root guru; 
preventing others from getting close;
listening in to what answers guru gave to those that seek clarification pertaining to cultivation;
ordering all under your control to block those like me from entering or getting an audience with root guru; 
And much much more!!!

Pray tell us, what did you gain?

Frankly speaking, you gained only more suffering and also churned more suffering for yourself only!

The 3 poisons of Ignorance, Greed, Aversion are all in full flaming glory within you!

Can you ever become enlightened?
O! The Flaming Glory is Hell's Fire and not the Wisdom Star's brightness!

One burns but the other comforts!
One is ignorant and the other infinitely wise!
One is trapped and the other is Free!

Have you ever wonder why I can go around propagate dharma at my own expense all these years?

Is the Universe on YOUR side or Mine? :)

I have made you angrier?
Then it is time to practice [一心不乱]!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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