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Coincidence Again ? 又是巧合?

Above: Screen capture of the video with length of 2:53:54.
GM Lu is talking about 恒 Constant 古 ancient/of old 修行 Cultivation - 
Attainment of Buddhahood is the result of Constant Cultivation diligence that spans from numerous past to present lifetime.

11/28/2015 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection Dzogchen by Grand Master Lu

This is yet another Brief writeup from the above speech.
It is best that all spend time to listen to GM Lu directly, if possible, same speech several times. :)

蓮生活佛繼續開示「大圓滿法」-- 釋迦牟尼佛,夜睹明星而成道,世上的一些法師,都如此認為,果然在天將亮時,東方的夜空昇起一顆天星,於是釋迦牟尼佛,一時頓悟而成佛。事實上,釋佛在未悟道之時,早已入了「寂定」,所見之天星,是慧光,這是「生明生光生慧」的大天星,而非空中掛的小星星耳。









ok great
Nov 28, 2:52 PM

BB: o book marked it liao
talking about traffic jam
i think will start around 4pm again
Nov 28, 3:05 PM

AA: hmmm, yes could be

BB: still not yet start
Nov 28, 3:47 PM

AA: starts now [in actual fact, event delayed again because of the HK troupe's request for Dharma Transmission ceremony]
Nov 28, 3:50 PM

BB: hehe!
every week play so much waste time thingy, seem not tired
Nov 28, 3:51 PM

AA: yes hor

BB: the entourage too!
they didn't think to do more [out of this realm] style

AA: entourage seem to follow what the boss dictates

BB: another that follows Lian-yue n keep her hair to certain length
not completely bald
Nov 28, 4:01 PM

AA: oh

BB: Hehe! I mute speakers, also not watching them
don't want to "one glance" at them :)
i will listen to the speech only
Nov 28, 4:02 PM

the compere today is the one with dialect twang
Nov 28, 4:20 PM

everything MUST Gm do! :)
shows how hopelss n powerless the rest are
GM really needs to do physical demo to satisfy these sentient minds
Nov 28, 4:22 PM

AA: yes hor
Nov 28, 4:23 PM

BB: if any VM were to sit in GM's chair or take charge of the event, sure no business
Nov 28, 4:24 PM

AA: GM is really the money tree for them
Nov 28, 4:24 PM

BB: ya lol! so my writings really made ppl aware that only GM can!
but the bad part is they only want GM n so GM became more busy! :)
Nov 28, 4:26 PM

AA: your statement of everything must GM do is actually an eye-opening
Nov 28, 4:27 PM

BB: who wants to sit in places of importance n wants to be announce
most didn't realise how to drop Name, fame, Self!
chasing in the other direction from Selflessness & void lol
Nov 28, 4:33 PM

AA: i read yesterday that those are the big enemies of people from entering the dhyana samadhi

BB: ya. but this means [no foundation] at all

AA: yes, true

BB: the 4 immeasurable visual are to drop self from the start n merge with all AS ONE into Universal Void
hehe! thats all there is n very simple too
instant buddhahood
Nov 28, 4:37 PM


BB: GM tell them all the time these 44years also no use

hehe! GM did the hide hands inside sleeves n do mudra liao
Nov 28, 4:42 PM

AA: yes :)

BB: today got a Japanese look on GM, like the older ones that like to keep moustache under nose n above lips. about 30+ years old Japanese general of world war era
just before samadhi!
Nov 28, 4:45 PM

AA: oh
another one from the past

BB: now different liao
now is a very solemn ruler or king, burdened with lots of matters

hehe! real fun
Nov 28, 4:46 PM

👀 (Showing eyes rolling)
Nov 28, 4:47 PM

BB: actually lots in the dedication speech also no need to say, but must show Forms to most, so become very long dedication speech
Nov 28, 4:49 PM

AA: oh that's why we also skipped the dedication part during the cultivation
but not so many will understand this
higher concept of cultivation
Nov 28, 4:51 PM

BB: too long a list of wishes means stick to form n seeking external aid n support
Nov 28, 4:52 PM
[as long as you have wishes or want something, you are stuck or imprisoned self]

AA: i remember sometimes GM just didn't do anything physically, but everything was taken care of

BB: almost 5pm liao
Nov 28, 4:57 PM

AA: yes
Nov 28, 4:59 PM

BB: before reading VIP, I would asked whether they want to be stuck to form or not! Hehe!

But I will assume they all wise up, so no need to read out VIP list
Nov 28, 4:59 PM

AA: fashi, you style will always be remembered like a legend 😁

BB: in practice of wisdom of equality, best to do thoroughly lol
see? over 5pm liao
Nov 28, 5:01 PM

AA: uncompromising but for the real betterment

BB: hehe! most believe to keep up a false front that GM is popular n has high-up n powerful supporters!
what has all these VIPs done to merit a mention?
Nov 28, 5:03 PM

AA: lol even a flower bouquet needs mentioning

BB: N the formless 3 wheels teach all to not keep record of good deeds too
Nov 28, 5:03 PM

AA: too much
Nov 28, 5:04 PM

BB: thats why, I asked many of you, need to write your name as sponsor of charity or not? or just treat as gongyang GM
Nov 28, 5:05 PM

AA: 🙏 (palms together)
Nov 28, 5:06 PM

BB: in the heart [in answer to GM Lu's question about where Fo Pusa are?]
Nov 28, 5:12 PM

AA: hahahaha

BB: hehe! i got it!
Nov 28, 5:12 PM

AA: yes!!!
Nov 28, 5:12 PM

BB: ah! all can use!
hehe! equal
Nov 28, 5:16 PM

focus n continuous
all what I am chatting with you!

AA: yes hor
this is also your advice for business too
you sell without speaking ill of your competitors

Nov 28, 5:18 PM

BB: n the heart sutra

AA: lol how come
you just shared today
Nov 28, 5:19 PM

BB: guru yoga lol
body speech mind as ONE
Nov 28, 5:21 PM

AA: :)

BB: now the shrinking n the disappearance of the 4 great elements that made up the body
Nov 28, 5:26 PM

AA: yes

BB: hahaha. lovely session n fun speech
Nov 28, 6:12 PM

AA: yes indeed

Dear all, 
if you listen in to the above speech by GM Lu, and then look through recent articles shared in this blog, You will find lots of Coincidences in the contents shared!

These "Coincidences" occurred regularly too. :)

So, do I have a Direct Line linking myself to GM Lu, without any interference from anyone? 
And with this Direct Line, GM Lu tells me what he is going to speak about in his next session?

In this article: 
Many people that have no Knowledge of the Truth and cling onto Visible Forms are in grave danger of a speedy descend to the 3 lower realms.

Remember my description of Karma's effect?
Throwing a pebble into a still pond, One initiated ripples or waves moving outwards from point of pebble's contact with the pond's water.
Then at the various points of contact, the waves turn around towards origin.
The velocity of the Returns all dependent on the force of impact!

Therefore, if you are thinking to initiate any action, Pause and consider the Repercussion, please. It is best that you refrain from acting out any poisonous thoughts in attempt to "Advance" Self to the detriment of others.

Karma is always One's own responsibility!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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