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直指 Direct Pointing Out - 打成一片 All Harmonised As One Entity

  • Crazy Wisdom – Offering to Sanghas
  • In 2010, I was ordered to go up to the top floor of YX chapter and the VM started a barrage at me, all On His Own Steam!

    He accused me of Not Accepting Offering from Layperson and ALSO TAUGHT THEM to give the offering to Lotus Light Charity Singapore.
    He said: You have Resources, you don't need it (money in red-packet), Other Shangshi & Fashi need them!
    He said: What is Lotus Light to you? Why you asked people to give to Lotus Light?

    O! He had a good go at me; without even Practicing Equality or Respect for Others, just hollowed at me as if I am his Subordinate! 
    All these time not giving me a chance to explain and he took whatever version someone fed him as the Gospel Truth!
    I have written this story before! :)

    Dear all, In Tantrayana, we all practice to Succor Self as well as other, agree?

    Most Important of all, we learn to TAKE CONTROL OF OUR OWN DESTINY & BREAK FREE FROM SAMSARA, agree?

This is today's topic for my daily homework! :)

Wisdom of Equality!!!

In the above extract, VM LL is yet another that locked himself away into a self-created box in which he thinks that he is privileged and well above others!

If you read the article whereby I shared his email to me, in which he placed himself high up and well above fellow students, saying that he is now shangshi & ......

When dining together with fellow students, on the first occasion, he halted all that reach for the food saying that he has the first picking and no one is to touch the food before him.

He also warned me off about dining with fellow students too often, because food touched by fellow students become tainted!

Ah! Now can recall some of the interesting stories about this VM?

When One segregates Self, what happen is this One has left the arms of Buddha!

Wisdom of equality is very obvious lacking in this person, agree?

O! I recollected that he also told me that if I misbehaved, then the authority in TBS will seek him out, thus he is telling me that I am under his control!

October 2010, Melbourne's Shan Ming chapter - I was at the back of the temple and out in the open, because the chapter's premises were too compact and most were outside under some tentages or like me, nothing to shelter.

When the Abhiseka starts, everyone pushed their way into the chapter.
BUT, no one bothered to help those outside as to how to form mudra, and what mantra to chant.....

So, I started sharing with those around me the mudra and mantra to use.

I was amongst the last few to receive the Abhiseka that evening. :)

AND, its "Wow!" , a great Abhiseka of gorgeous energy transfer from Root Guru & Yidam, to me!!!

Dear all, pushing others out of the way for self to get the Abhiseka first?

Sadly, you probably too filled with Wants & Desires & Must Have, to get the Abhiseka or even blessing!

If One do not practice Boddhicitta and Wisdom of Buddhas, then this One has no affinity with Buddha at all.

Take some time to reflect and look into Self now!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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