Sunday, November 15, 2015

Self Encapsulation 把自己封在胶囊里!

Terjemahan Indonesia: Mengungkungi Diri Sendiri!

GM Lu said that those who left, not because [Dharma no good]!


The problem is the common virus of Fixation and the Poisons!

Fame, titles, power to control, power to dictate,.......

Now, in recent article, I shared that a student was told that as he has cultivated the 4 preliminaries for quite some time, he can "ADVANCE" to Guru Yoga!

This poor student fell for this piece of advice, because the adviser has title of VM and always stresses that he is the most senior student of GM Lu!

That means "external appearances"! :)

So the student elevated himself to Advance Student and attempted to teach others what he thinks is the "Way to Go"!

He has Encapsulated himself into the "Advance Student" capsule and locked tight therein!

Yes! He hinders himself!

Many looked up to him and when he suggested that they cultivate "Smoke offering" instead of 4 Preliminaries, most agreed!

I advised them against doing so, and of course most weren't happy.

The problem with this student are many and varied!
He likes to ask those that can see, what they saw and attempted to use these sightings to "Build on them", and thinking that he will also have his own!

He did up a version of visualisation for High King Sutra after I shared with them in a group session.
However, he failed to grasp the keys and I cautioned him against sharing his version with anyone, because he will be misleading others with the wrong version.

He also likes to Wenshi! :)

Another student, one that has taken refuge with GM Lu for more than 10 years.
He also acted out the very Advance Student thingy!

He thinks we should all cultivate to cleanse self before we can do so for others!
With Maha Perfection Dharma being shared by GM Lu todate, can you pinpoint his problem and help him? :)

Alternatively, I shared the solution in my compilation of the 4 preliminaries practice, published in this blogspot!

Who teach you that you need to cleanse Self before you can help others?

There is a question of How Much Faith and Trust you have on your Root Guru, being a Living Buddha!


"You tell yourself, I am a fashi/master/advance student, so I must be like these!"

"I have spent so many years more than others, cultivating what GM Lu taught, so I must know more than those newbies or less senior in years!"


Little do you all know that all these are self created hindrances that prevent you from Breaking through and Breaking free, the ultimate in Maha mudra and Maha Perfection!

Yes! GM Lu is right!
The Fault does not lie with Dharma being no good!

BUT, sentient minds and their own fabrications!

You used "Lock-tight" , a super glue on yourself!

You don't like me saying that you have not understood GM Lu's teachings!

For those that cultivated with me and I spent much time explaining basics to you, you didn't pay due attention and didn't bother to ask when not clear!

For those that didn't cultivate with me, but followed others' orders to hit at me, you too locked yourselves away by your own choice!

O! I am selfish for not sharing?

Its your fault for not showing the relevant sincerity to learn and build foundation!

Without sighting of any Foundation in you, I will not give you any special or personal directives!

AND, locking yourself is Fine, but do not attempt to lock others, especially me!

Like GM Lu said, I do not owe you and you also don't owe me, No need to listen to me.
And likewise, I do not need to waste time on you too!

I believe that if you have the relevant affinity with Buddha, you will be shown the WAY!

I also believe that I would rather spend my time writing and sharing online, so everyone can access these all the time.

I really don't want to spend time explaining your personal problems or short comings to you!

AND, I do not need to be popular or build a reputation to attract followers!

As you locked yourself away, then only you can unlock yourself!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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