Sunday, November 8, 2015

直指 Direct Pointing Out - 人间游戏 Sentient Game

The following were dialogue in real time with the Live Cast from Seattle this noon! :) The time is that of local time in Singapore at 12noon and Seattle's time 8pm respectively.

Body speech mind of 2 VMs that claimed that they represent all fellow students from Taiwan and Seattle! 

AA: they came to accompany GM back to Tw
lots of flowery words ( the blue collar dharma-speaker from Taiwan)
12:02 PM

BB: yes hor
12:03 PM

AA: it is fun to cultivate along.:)
therefore, prayer support is not needed if one can go online n watch any group session n follow thru repeatedly
12:37 PM

BB: yes!
really no boundary
12:38 PM

AA: read the auras of many again :)  still mostly not cultivating
notice GM rocking from left to right?
12:40 PM

BB: yes hor
12:40 PM

AA: & today's video didn't focus on shimu n LN
12:41 PM

BB:usually the cam moves to them during the vajrasattva's mantra recitation
12:41 PM

AA: Hehe! they very affected by my observation n comments!
It's cold there as the fans on both sides of GM are off.
12:45 PM

BB: hahaha yes hor
when they know that you can read them from online, of course they will sweat every time the cam moves to pass them
12:49 PM

AA: Wow! shimu sitting next to LN
the LW behind is very breathless

this one reading out printed page! (TW - LA)
He is the one that follows LJ the one that chant into water n let them drink to raise spirits
12:55 PM

BB: oh
people who love raising spirit stuff
12:56 PM

AA: He became VM to drag him away

this lady (VM LJ) very learned. but is labeled as chilli padi. 
very spicy n battle with XX all the time
12:58 PM

BB: this VM reading the letter?
12:58 PM

AA: Very sentient speeches
12:58 PM

BB: 😀
12:59 PM

AA: YY thinks applying makeup can cover her lousy aura
1:02 PM

BB: oh she is.
1:02 PM

AA: GM going to play play liao.
No differentiation
1:04 PM

BB: 😁
1:04 PM

AA: Hahaha! it's the same. GM said no need for both to say until like that!
1:04 PM

so big n senior students talked rubbish n rival each other, this is a dispute or battle! :)

If you really cultivate well and can yoga with guru, you will also be able to pick out the sentient minded words read out by both VMs,
AND you can even pinpoint that GM is going to play play with both of them before he begins! :)

Enlightenment is the main issue and all that leads to enlightenment!

The reference to  Vimalaprabha ("Stainless Light")  <无垢光明论> 
by the white padma king, 白莲华王 Kulika Pundarika, a monarch of Xiang-ba-la 香巴拉 or Kalachakra's Country, stresses the importance of Purity! 

Extract from Vimalaprabha 

Supporting the Kalacakra tantra's position that before honoring a spiritual mentor one should investigate his faults and his good qualities, the Vimalaprabha cites the following verses from the Gurupancasika, which support the Kalacakra tradition's stand on this issue. 

An intelligent disciple should not make him who is devoid of compassion, who is angry, cruel, stubborn, unrestrained, and self-aggrandizing his spiritual mentor.

[A qualified spiritual mentor] is steadfast, disciplined, intelligent, patient, sincere, honest, versed in the tantric practices of mantras, compassionate, a knower of the sastras,

Fully acquainted with the ten principles, a knower of the art of drawing mandalas, an acarya who explains mantras, who is propitious and has subdued his senses.

The quoted part is to help you be discerning of who to learn from!

The VMs that gave sentient speeches today?
Hahaha! Best stay focus on GM Lu's teaching or guidance!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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