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直指 Direct Pointing Out - 静观其变 Silently Watch Transformation Takes Place

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Lotuschef at Play - You Exposed Yourself again! :)...

[[ Anonymous on 6/15/2013


on Crazy Wisdom疯狂的智慧 – Buddha’s Language 佛的语言 [3]

In this one, Anonymous alleged that I continue to churn lies or untruths.

[From the recent Maha Perfection articles and Avatmasaka Sutra ones that I shared, these are from Buddha and if I am lying that means Buddha is also lying!!!
Do have a care of what you said in writing, showing what you truly are and what you truly know to the Whole Wide World!]

He also said Buddha & Mara is Separated by only a thin line. ]]

[[ Anonymous on 6/21/2013 @5:51pm

蓮廚大法師,[Lotuschef big reverend,] 我只問你一句,你如果是覺者,你覺了什麼?

開悟的答案是蓮X給你的! [Enlightenment's answer was given to you, Lotuschef, by Lian X!]

快說你悟到什麼! [Quik tell what have you Realized!]
on 九乘佛法次第 [4]

Now this one is more interesting as Anonymous actually revealed his True Identity!!!
In True Buddha School, fellow student, Lian Ning is the One & Only that Guru said he has told Lian Ning what is Enlightenment!!!

All the above pointed to ONE that Believe Unwaveringly that Enlightenment's Answer can be told!

Whats my point here?

I have wrote about these concept before though. :)

A person's Body Speech Mind actually also can tell us at which level if any, he or she has cultivated to!

The Truly Enlightened will use [佛魔一如 - Buddha & Mara is the Same]and not 佛魔只隔一線.

GM also stressed this morning that there is Absolutely ONLY ONE!

........  This person has yet to understand the very Basic or Fundamental of Buddha Dharma though, agree?

There are No FIXED rules; methods; answers; to anything or everything!

Fixed rules; methods; answers, are only for sentient mindsets as these are Fixation or Attachment to Forms!
GM also shared Non-dualism this morning as another Important Key! :)

GM also touches on those that like to create disputes like the above, several times in his speeches!

Why is it so important to this Anonymous, whether Lotuschef is Enlightened or not?
Why is it so important to this Anonymous, to pronounce in His View or Deduction that Lotuschef is not sharing Authentic Buddha Dharma?

All stemmed from [Fear of Loss] of sentient possessions which he thinks that Lotuschef is going to take away from him!

If you truly listen and understood what GM shared all along, Maha Mudra & Maha Perfection requires One to truly Let Go and attained Ultimate Purity!



If you followed through the "Leave TBS" and "Denounce & Get Rid of Lotuschef" sagas,
by now: Have you arrived at some form of enlightenment or realisation of the Truth?

[静观其变 Silently Watch Transformation Takes Place] ?
It was a topic assigned to me years ago, to write about! :)

Hahaha! Documenting written statements of fellow students, irregardless of the titles they have, turns out to be pretty "valuable" in the Sharing of Authentic Buddha Dharma, agree?

With Live examples, it is easy to share what to do and what must never do! 

In recent speeches, GM Lu explained what does True Enlightenment means or what happened when One is truly enlightened!
His body speech mind will "Shine" through!!! :)

I am a fierce demon 我是恶魔!
As per GM Lu, 2015年11月8日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥開講「大圓滿九次第法」-彩虹雷藏寺Link: https://vimeo.com/145087572

今天,师尊在开示讲 [不悟言无]是 [诈欺罪]!
Today, in GM Lu's speech [Not enlightened but claimed to be enlightened] is [fraud]!

Link: https://vimeo.com/145087572
「柔軟心」- soft hearted or boddhicitta.

If you realised that from the beginning of this blog, in October 2010, Boddhicitta is a constant and major topic shared!

Like "Live animal release", Boddhicitta's components are all present! :)

To those that think to challenge Lotuschef's authenticity with regards to Enlightenment, you are truly wasting your time if you think that "Not Enlightened" means no one will believe Lotuschef's sharings!

SEE how lacking of Depth in Life and its infinite changes or transformations, are you?

GM Lu has refuted all allegations of false claims by most regarding True Enlightenment!

Enlightened in theory, Must also execute or put to corresponding use in Boddhicitta's context!

All frivolous talk But No True Action!

Remember GM Lu said that when you act out the 3 Formless Wheel, you do not precipitate any Sins or Good deeds records?

The articles written by Lotuschef are not recorded into Karmic ledger, because they are used to share dharma and not to "talk-bad about" anyone in particular! :)

Silently watch as you dig yourself deeper into Vajra Hell?
I can't do that, because like GM Lu and all Divinities, I have a soft-heart!

Extending a helping hand or a rescue attempt to you, best grab this Life line!

Have you read at least the first half of Avatamsaka sutra's 80 chapters?
Have you read the ones on "Lojong - Mind training"?

On top of all these, and most important for you survival, have you read through or watched some of GM Lu's earlier teachings or sharings?

You are what you are now, because you didn't keep to the vows pledge at refuge and or ordination!

O! if you don't want anyone to read you comprehensively, best start to cultivate and change now!

No amount of artificial cosmetics can hide your true aura from being read! :)

And contact lenses or prescription glasses also won't help you hide away!


Remember [Body Speech Mind] at all times!!!

There is nowhere that you can hide!

Sooner or later, your "sins" will surface completely! 

Patience! All that is needed for transformation to take place, to reveal the Truths!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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