Monday, June 2, 2014

Precepts of Sexual Misconduct 色戒

31-5-2014 Pure Karma cultivated Vajrasattva Repentance & Purification Practice.

I was explaining Signs of Successful Repentance and when saying sorry, we must know what we are sorry for and won't repeat!

A student asked: What if we don't know what we have done wrong in past lifetimes?


A sincere apology means you really won't do anything that is to the detriment to others!

When you take refuge, you were told that you must not harm others; even though you will be hurt, you mustn't do anything to harm others.

We have students that dream of passing out lots of black worms after Repentance practice and she has not need to go for surgery.
Also a uterine cyst shrunk from 8cm. to less then 2cm and also do not need surgery to remove, also not malignant!
Another that is not a student, chanted High King Avalokitesvara Sutra and help fold lotuses with Usnisa Vijaya Dharani printed incense paper, also has a benign growth but don't need surgery.

From GM's books, you can find more of such cases that had repented successfully! :)

This morning, GM showed me faces of people that had breached precept of Sexual Misconduct in this and past lifetimes.


I looked very puzzledly at GM!
My question was: Shizun. how am I going to approach these people and some I hardly know or meet and tell them about their problem and advice them on solution?

GM looked at me and smiled. His eyes said: You go figure it out.

This is an assignment that is pretty difficult to execute, agree?

How do One walks up to this person and tell him/her, you have a problem of Sexual misconduct in your past lifetime?


For people that I have met, how do you know you are one of them that had breach the Sexual Misconduct precept in this or past lifetime?

Remember Body Speech & Mind?
Also for this one, it is all in your eyes!

Now be honest with yourself, are you one that feels sexual desire for a pretty/handsome face easily?
I don't think that I will approach the people that GM showed me, but I hope you can go reflect on Self and do Repentance and Dedication to clear this unwholesome karma.

I humbly suggest you leave this life with a clear slate then you can break free from Samsara cycle easily!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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