Monday, June 9, 2014

供佛 Offering to Buddha - 莲华生大士 Guru Rinpoche

PK: I wrote an article in answer to your questions!

A1: Thanks Fashi.

I remember i once read a passage from Lianhuasheng  - Guru Rinpoche, that he encountered similar situation where tibetan ministers questioned in their heart why they need to offer gold to 求法 (Request Abhiseka) from Lianhuasheng dashi. 

Guru heard them and scoop up a handful of sand and turn it into gold dust as it slipped thru his fingers. 
Guru explained to the tibetan ministers he doesnt need their gold but it's a "consideration" they have to offer to receive the teaching.
Couldnt remember the exact words. Am digging through my Guru books now to see i can find the passage depicting thus scene.

PK: hi B1,can you find what A1 is talking about?

PK: hi A1,
B1 is quite an authority on Guru rinpoche's teachings.
you can chat with him. :)
As to offering, I have written lots.
The thing is not value but Sincerity!

B1: i found it.will send to you that part. that was the conversation between guru rinpoche and king trisong deutsen.

yes, there is another one when the ministers doubted guru rinpoche's fondness of gold.
this is the other one with the king.
the event was almost the same.

A1: Sure. Will chat with B1.

It was an interesting discussion with my uni friends. 
The questions they posed forced me to put things in perspectives (or words) even though we have practised so many times.
Intellects are harder to guide cos they already hv a pre-formed "logic" taught in school and society (even though buddhism is even more logical when you truly understood the logic. Ha!). 

But i am glad they asked. It is a starting point. 至少起了一个缘份

Anyway i introduced them to Diamond Sutra. It is a good sutra that will deconstruct and reform their "logic" like how a diamond cuts through glass leaving behind a beaming edge. Ha!

[I forwarded the passage from B1 to A1]

A1: Thanks thanks. Yes this is the one!

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