Friday, June 27, 2014

佛在心中 Buddha In Your Heart

Remembrance of the Moon River
This is from book 218, page 115.

AA: What you shared with me when we first met was true, "GM sits into you, followed by other divinities"

Lotuschef: When Have I bluff you?
GM said in one speech to let the Buddha resides within you.
how many really listen n execute?

AA: I begin to realise why some people live and love the complicated stuff duh hahaha.

Lotuschef: Simple is the Truth
People added too much 'extras' , thus life & cultivation become Complicated

Dear all,
The First Elemental Truth has been staring at you since Time Immemorial, BUT you are too Busy or Preoccupied by Complexities You created to Realize it!

Remember GM said 36 thousands Buddhas at your heart chakra?

There are thousands of Buddhas at all your major chakras too!

GM's books and speeches contain lots of Keys to successful cultivation if you can find them!

GM compiled some of these Keys into a new book 240 打開寶庫之門——盧勝彥的祕密口訣.

This book's title translated as Opening the Door of Treasure Cove -- Lu Sheng Yan's Secret Key-pointers.

YES! To those that seek "short-cuts", you think you can use the Key-pointers revealed to advanced speedily in cultivation ladder?

Sorry to Burst your euphoric bubble!

GM has been sharing so much key-pointers all these years, and you didn't pick up any, then you won't benefit from this "Concentrated" version too!

No matter how, You have to cultivate step by step or level by level, as per GM.
Without Success of Level One, you can't proceed to Level Two! :)

To the diligent yogi, this book affirmed almost all that you already know! :)


Look through this blog from start to now, please.
You will notice that "secrets" are shared from a certain period.:)
The reason: GM said it is OK to share Secrets, as only those with Affinity & Sincerity in Diligent cultivation will be able to use or benefit from these Secrets.

That answers those that spent 40 years or so with GM but still didn't clear the First Step of the Cultivation Ladder!

Start from Resource Path again.

You need to cleanse & purify self gradually then you can progress.
Paying Karmic Debts and Repentance should be what One should do for a start.
That's why the 4 preliminaries or Vajrasattva Repentance practice is the best to start with. :)

Buddhas reside in Pureland.
Therefore if you are filthy and impure, how can Buddhas resides within you at all?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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