Monday, June 9, 2014

Lotuschef in Chat - Fixation 执著?

Diamond glass-cutters (above), Cutting glass with a Diamond glass-cutter (below)

[It was an interesting discussion with my uni friends. 

1. The questions they posed forced me to put things in perspectives (or words) even though we have practised so many times.

2. Intellects are harder to guide cos they already hv a pre-formed "logic" taught in school and society (even though buddhism is even more logical when you truly understood the logic. Ha!).

3. But i am glad they asked. It is a starting point. 至少起了一个缘份。(at least an affinity arises)

4. Anyway i introduced them to Diamond Sutra. 
It is a good sutra that will deconstruct and reform their "logic" like how a diamond cuts through glass leaving behind a beaming edge. Ha!]

Are you ready to have Fun? 
Please bring along your 4 Noble Truths and Diamond Sutra too!

Lets journey!:)

1. Practice makes perfect! Having things in perspective BY FORCE, this cultivator left his 4 Noble Truths behind or at home and left home without it, agree? :)

Buddha Dharma is methods of living life shared by Buddha. Therefore, as per GM, it is in everything around us.
Cultivation of Buddha Dharma is using these methods to enhance our daily life and that of all beings.

For a cultivator that has to be forced then can put things into perspectives or words, he has developed a "lazy-brain" syndrome, agree?

For successful cultivation through the Yanas, 4 Noble Truths is the First key and it will enable you to "breeze" through the Yanas.
Therefore, never leave it behind or you will be "stuck" or "stagnant" in Cultivation. :)

Think: you are a knight passing through Dungeons & Battling Dragons, gathering Treasures and Weapons along your quest!
Don't ever "trade in" Dharma Treasures like the 4 Noble Truths! 

2. Pre-formed "logic"? This is why they have the misconception of Offering in exchange to Buddha blessings. :)
This is Fixation or Attachment on Hearsay and Sight.
A little research will blow away their "cob-webs" and Discernment & Analytical skills will bring them out into the Light!

3. I agree and I like people to ask question. as long as it is not seeking answers to their personal or private woes! :)

4. Diamond sutra? 
A1: i thought he would kill his friends with diamond sutra lol

PK: Hahaha!he should give them the Heart sutra instead.
bcos sentient being like things short n they think sweet & simple! hahaha!

When faced with the lengthy Diamond sutra, the Heart sutra is a much better introduction for those that wants to start to seek answers for themselves. 

Although short, the Heart sutra is a condensed version of the Diamond sutra and hundreds of sutra, and it contains the very Essence of Buddha's philosophy in its compact form! :)

Even if you don't understand the contents, just reading the Heart sutra through, repeatedly, results in calming effect and you feel at ease and at peace after a while. Do it slowly in a regular rythm please. Remember that you are not rush for time! 
Try it! 
I am not kidding! 

Words are manifestation of your Mind, put into Action of Speech! 
Contains your representation of Body Speech Mind.

We are back to base! 

Cheers all 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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