Sunday, June 8, 2014

你自私的心 Your Selfish Heart!

Terjemahan Indonesia: Hatimu Yang Egois!

Above, GM giving blessing to all attendees, irregardless of whether they are students or not.
There is no VIP; no rich nor poor, here. 
To GM, All are Equal!

Shown below, Attendees happily learning how to use the Vajra bell & dorje to purify offering and give all attendees a "cleansing bath"!

Below: These are incense offering to all Homeless spirits; Earth and City Deities.

In our Fire Puja or Dedication Script: 为众生分享光明 For Sharing of Brightness with all Sentient Beings.

YES! For all and never for Self!

Last evening, during Vajrasattva Repentance practice, I told all attendees that Bodhicitta is an important key to successful cultivation!

What a coincidence yet again that GM stresses on Bodhicitta in today's speech, hours later!

Did you listen in to GM's speech in Seattle for 7-6-2014 just now? :)

Well, it seems to be a Reckoning session! 

Started with Hui Jun taking 2 tubs of drinking water out of the 7 tubs GM bought, back to her residence for her OWN consumption!
Hehe! I wrote about this one before, although I didn't named the culprit!

GM reveals the Truth that Boddhicitta is lacking in most!
Also the Ego of Ordained personnel that Look Down on laypersons!

Hahaha! Remember the Defamation Saga of GM and I said to the self-proclaimed dharmapalas and the defamators that all of them are Sentient beings that I will be succoring eventually?

Now, do you all agree with me that all those fighting online hitting their perceived opponents in forums are actually wasting their limited and therefore precious time with a Human Shell?

Each of them's worse enemy is Self!

From their statements, their Body Speech Mind is very clearly revealed.
They have not truly listen to GM at all!

GM said it has been 44 years to be precise, for his mission in this realm. :)

Reverends in Seattle temple ignoring visitors and never bother to approach any to offer assistance or explanation!

I was tasked with being First officer in charge of Seattle Temple one Sunday back in 2009 October. The second in command is Lian Ye (Leaf), who comes from Taiwan and speaks and understand only Mandarin and Taiwan dialect similar to Hokkien, we speak in Singaporean.

A Nepalese lady came in and she was directed to me by Lian Ye, as she said she don't know what this lady is talking about! The lady actually went into the Retail outlet on the left side of the temple proper (when one enter from main entrance).

The moment this Nepalese lady came upon me, she bombarded me with: Why you people can eat meat?

After getting some details from her, I told her the story of Buddha seeking alms and he eats whatever that was gifted to him with much gratitude, be it molded rice or fish or chicken.

Buddha knows how to purify food before eating.

At this time, VM Lian He (Brazil) & VM Lian Ye (Green lotus - Taiwan) came into the temple and stood aside to watch.

On another occasion, an Indian family came into the temple one evening just before the evening cultivation session.
There were loud statements of "I don't know what they are saying, someone come talk to them", from many reverends present.

So Reverend Lian Xing (Awake - from Melbourne) went to attend to them and shared some English literature about GM and TBS with them.
She invited them to join us in cultivation too and brought them over to where I am seated.

Then the big hoohah began!

Lian Xing was reprimand loudly for sharing Dharma with these visitors which most think is "Stealing Dharma"!
I tried to explain but were included in the bombardment from most of the Reverends present too!
[All these time, the visitors are present and witnessing a show in a language they don't understand but sound and facial expressions told their own stories.]

I then approached Dharna Lecturer, Bi Zhen, (green collar).
Well, BI Zen, said it is OK for these visitors to join us!

The visitors left after cultivation and they apologized for causing trouble for Lian Xing and me.
The commotion caused by the ignorant reverends are felt by the visitors.

YES! it is Time that GM reveals some irregular goings to educate those errant students!

It is a "Necessary Evil" to reveal misdeeds in order to save or succor these lost ignorants!

Most people like to "Pull rank" in order to suppress others and get their own way!

Wake up now!

GM is revealing what you shouldn't do if you want to cultivate to Buddhahood with Maha Perfection Dharma.

Although GM quantified that Maha Perfection Dharma mainly for those with Big or High Potential in Cultivation, remember we are all Equal and will be able to attain Buddhahood too in time. :)

Now know why you only need to listen to your Root Guru in Tantrayana?

Not administrators with Sentient Mindsets as in Core and their replicas or duplicates!

Let us conclude that the Culture that was set by Core and their likes, should not be the basis for all to adhere to blindly!

To save yourself precious time, Just listen to GM only!

Should Core now be sincerely remorseful for penalizing Lotuschef, accusing her of proclaiming that she will Only Listen to GM, Her One & Only Root Guru?

Note that I didn't mention an apology from Core to Lotuschef!

GM said to a True Yogi, there is no slander nor abuse.
Therefore, An apology is not necessary from Core to Lotuschef.
However, all that are involved with Core in this false accusation, my humble suggestion is to do repentance sincerely to succor your individual self!

A reverend scolded me in Caotun recently, saying that I should not carry Equality too far and that I must maintain the Revered status of reverends which she said is above laypersons or students.

GM mentioned Wisdom of Equality and I sincerely hope this reverend and those of like mindsets can now understand that All beings are equal and are Buddhas.

Cheers all
Don't miss GM's speech today, tune in when the links are available!
Really, please don't take my words only.
Open your mind and view from all angles. :)

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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