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What is theTruth? 真相是什么?

Reference to : A Knife At The Throat 用刀掐脖子?

What is the Truth?


A1: How do u like my dramatic Knife at throat article:-)

B1:wuah! very obvious!!!

i was thinking that even in the eyes of the non believers, you are such a big commotion

A1: Hahaha! As I told S & Y. Don't put too much on what u see n hear. 
Only when u open your mind n heart to all then what u believe n deducted previously from your sight n sound might disintegrate completely. Leaving you lost n frighten!

However for some this is enlightenment! 

Dear all, 
In previous article, GM wrote that he is paying his karmic debts to XX & YY, who were wife and son that in his previous life as King Ayu, he had wronged.

As both died with much anger & hatred for not being able to take their revenge upon King Ayu then, the Bottled-up Negatives have escalated much much out of proportion!

I told S & Y, if GM owes this Duo in a previous lifetime, for example 100 punches; if this Duo exacted any punches more, then they increased their karmic negatives for themselves!

However, the worse comes when after the 100 punches, GM attained Buddhahood, this Duo actually took excess punches at a Buddha! 

Now let us draw upon memory to the article of Demon's Lackeys in this blog.

The writer alleged that CC is bullying VM Lian Ning, to get near to Core and GM and attempted to get GM to affirmed that he reincarnated from Heavenly realm.

The writer did an OVER-KILL though, in adding this CC is on Shi-mu's side!:)

He told us that he is on VM Lian Ning's side and his boss is this VM!
He also told us that his boss is in Opposing camp headed by Shi-mu!

The Grand Total can be summarized as VM LN & Shi-mu although outwardly appeared to be a team, but have their own private agendas!

We have seen that even after GM announces that he is exhausted from all the dining arrangements for dinner as well as lunch, Admin which rules by Shi-mu & VM LN, has not slacken off but instead multiplied many folds! 

GM said on recent Saturday that this dining arrangements had already been filled from November 2014, upon his return to Taiwan, to the time he leaves Taiwan next May 2015!

How sad it is that GM words fell on Deaf ears of Admin and all ignorants that think to dine with GM personally and get blessing from his physical presence too!

I wonder what is the Use of Sharing Maha Perfection Dharma with all?

Even the very basic Yana 1, almost all students through to VMs, had failed to Cultivate Through or Passed.

Days ago, GM put 2 students in my vision and when I asked: Help these 2? Pretty tough lol.
GM smiled Affirmative, like saying this is your new assignment. :)

These 2 students has been with TBS for more years then I know of.
Also they had learned cultivation from someone else and seem hard to dislodge too.

I found many veteran students very fixated about what they considered as Cultivation.
Anyway, I completed this assignment easily by stretching out a helping hand in 2 ways, and it is up to these students to accept or not.
Choice is always the Individual's prerogative! :)

I remember VM LH told a student during "Wen-shi" session, that as he has cultivated 4 Preliminaries for quite some time, he can now "Advaanced" to Guru Yoga! 

Hahaha! VM LH goes around telling people that he has 40 years with GM! 

Now what is the Truth? 
GM said those that mimic his external presentations during cultivation, like moving the ears, all only can do for show! 
They all have yet to yoga with GM!

In recent speeches, GM stresses that You are solely responsible for cultivation success and no one can do it for you!
Now think: How many VMs or other grades of dharma propagators have told you many times that THEY WILL HELP YOU TELL OR ASK GM?

This is the Key point to show you that these people Have not achieved Guru Yoga! 

GM also said recently that when you achieved Yoga, you do not need him to Affirm anything for you, as you know and can do it yourself! 

Now look through my blog please, Didn't I explained all these, time & time again, already?


Pure Karma starts everyone on "Saying Sorry" = Repentance.
You can pay your karmic debts through physical or astral means too.
You can offer dedication of incense and you can cultivate and dedicate merits and share blessing from your Root Guru, with all your karmic foes and also all sentient beings.

Everyone needs 4 Preliminaries or Vajrasattva Repentance Practice, until they see Signs of successful repentance and they are cleanse and maintain Purity!

You need this Purity to Yoga with Vajrasattva and Root Guru!

SO Vajrasattva Repentance is not meant only for beginners or what you all jeeringly called "Babies"!
This practice can also be your ultimate in achieving Buddhahood too! 
Vajrasattva is a "derivative" of the 5 Dhyani Buddhas!
Yoga with Not One but all 5 Dhyani Buddhas! :)

Yes! When you finally wake-up to the fact that you have wasted much of your limited time with a Human Shell, following one of the Fakes blindly, You will be real lost and wonder who you should listen to and follow.

GM said listen to him and follow your own heart!
Then Cultivate diligently as he taught!

What is the Truth? Hahaha! 
For most of you out there, the Truth might be very far off from you or your imagination! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom 
Lama Lotuschef

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