Monday, June 16, 2014

大孔雀明王 Maha Mayura Vidya Rajni - Pulsing Mayura's Eye 震动的孔雀眼

GM gave Abhiseka of Maha Mayura for the first time during fire homa in Rainbow on the 30 August 2009. I was present and had lots of interesting encounters.

Please refer to: The Mayura’s Eye
After my return from Seattle, there are some visible changes to my skull structure and "layouts".
There is a portion on my frontal lobe that resembles the Mayura eye with sharp point at the "3rd-eye" chakra, very much like a "diamond" too, adorning my forehead.

Other noticeable outline is the clear division of the front and back of the skull, marked by a line from ear to ear like a hair-band.
The line that divides the front & back of skull can be a fine one or a thick one like the width of this hair-band.

In some cases, the Arhat demarcation can also be very prominent! :)

I have seen others with the Arhat demarcation in the width of the line dividing the front and back of skull.
I have seen some with lotus petals formation on their skulls with the tips of the lotus petal at the brows point.
If you are observant enough, you can see this lotus petal formation on GM"s head too. 
Especially prominent during Saturday's  group cultivation session in Seattle Temple.- GM not wearing any head-gear or head-dress.
Go look please! :)

Hahaha! The interesting thing is that I saw a person once at a local fast-food outlet sitting opposite from me and facing me, his skull has a very prominent demarcation of lotus and arhat and the 3rd eye chakra kept pulsing, as if with his heart rhythm!
A pretty strong and rapid rhythm too!

Well, recently I saw another one with a Mayura eye pulsing also but weakly like a child's heartbeat which we see when performing ultra-sound scanning of child's heartbeat.
No kidding!
This one must be starting to "grow" now! :)

Dear all, if you truly listen only to your one & only root guru like GM said, and cultivate as per his guidances, You will also see lots of changes to your daily life and that of others in an increasingly good direction.

Well, as usual, the choice is yours to take or not to take!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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