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追佛追魔 Chasing Buddha Chasing Demon

In 2010 April, GM returned to Taiwan, purportedly for Long Stay in Taiwan.
People got too much or pushy in Seattle! :)

Sometime in October 2009, an incident cause our GM to hit hard on the dining table and said that he don't like this Ghost Place鬼地方, he will sell everything in Seattle and return to stay permanently in Taiwan!

Incident: VM LF need certification from Core or Temple's Abbot to give a letter stating she needs Visa for longer stay in USA.
Night before Incident, GM asked VM LF for status of her Visa Application.
GM also said she can get help from ...... & .....

Next evening at dinner, GM again asked VM LF has she settled the application requirement.
She said not yet as she needs a letter from TBS' admin or Temple's Abbot.

At this instant, Temple's abbot, TH, sat down to dinner with GM.

GM said to VM LF, asked TH.

TH said without looking at LF & GM: I am having dinner and don't do work!
This is a very obvious and rude manner towards One's Root Guru!

GM stood up and hit the table hard and then stated that he will leave Seattle for Good and Never Return!

All present ran after GM, and most of them crying and begging GM to not leave Seattle for good.

Upon his return to Taiwan [April 2010], GM started to visit all chapters to do Purification Practice to help cleanse & purify all students.
This is as per White Tara's statement [GM wrote in his book - Sword of the Yogi] that to save all those students from VMs to lay-students from the 3 Lower realms; Purification Practice is the One.

So every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, GM will visit 2 chapters each day.
Giving Dharma Speech and Abhiseka.

This is how the 追佛 Chase Buddha event came about.

There were lots of interesting happenings during this "ERA". :)
All the pushing and shoving of others aside to get close to GM were very very interesting, in that all forgotten that they are Buddha's disciples!

All forget or never ever know that Buddha's students DO NOT NEED ANYTHING 无所求!

Today's topic?
Sexual Misconduct!
One of 5 major precepts!


There is this male student, M, that actively followed GM around.
He is married with 2 children and his wife is the sole bread-winner.
However, he left the care of his kids and started to chase Buddha from April 2010.

I met his family once during this chase Buddha activities.
Pretty and dignified wife he has.

What's my point?

Well, I saw M "got married" with GM solemnising his marriage to another student during an event!

In the process of chasing Buddha, M discarded his family and hooked on to or being hooked by a woman with Hell written on her face! [地狱相]- Aura of Hell.

GM has this article from Book 235: King of Hell is at your back. From Page 98.

In this article, GM said the Hell King is standing behind this student, who has Terminal stage cancer.
GM asked why not Amitabha Buddha come and fetch this student but the Hell King himself?
Hell King replied: Karmic negative too heavy 业障太重.

GM said to the student to chant High King Avalokitesvara Sutra.
The student replied that he don't know how to chant.

GM can only give him talisman for cancer and hope for the best.

Dear all,
Your Karmic influences determined your fate, to Hell or to Pureland!

If you think chasing Buddha & being near Buddha will nullify or void your Karmic negative deeds, WAKE UP!

Karma is always One's Own!

For M, he dumped his family and dropped into Hell!

Yes! M & his new spouse's auras very clearly written!

GM said being near me but don't cultivate diligently is very very far from me!

Bear these golden words in mind!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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