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22-6-2014 Vajrasattva Repentance - The Fundamental 基础?

A sumptuous spread of offering for this session. :)

Many students think that Fire Puja cultivation is Far Superior to
others like Vajrasattva repentance.

Hahaha! Do you agree with them?

In the Great Mandala Offering, it is Your Visualization skills to "send" offering upwards that is the KEY!

In Fire Puja, none of the students or attendees can effectively "Send" offering upwards to Session's Yidams and all universal divinities to date!

Shown below: Attendees doing their own offering.

In the above photo, this student even insisted on throwing the lotus offering into the fire by herself, despite the danger posted. She is unstable on her feet and movements also slowed much with age.
She was stop from attending further such session by Pure Karma after repeated breaching of safety precautions.

Why did I stop helping attendees to do Offering?
Some like the above, held on to the lotus offering even after I helped them offer and instructed them to place the lotus offering in a tray so helpers can put these into the fire with thongs, so as not to get burn.

Since some feel that they can do offering better and my help is not necessary, I stopped and let all of them have a go on their own!

GM said it is also time to let them be Independent!
If they can't then they need to learn the hard way to start from Fundamentals.

Like a student said: It is my bad.
He means it is his fault!

In Borobudur, I told all those that were practicing meditation that NONE of them can successfully meditate in Round 1 and also Round 2.
I gave them another 12 minutes in Round 2, but still None can truly meditate.

Most look down on Vajrasattva practice!
Little do these people know that this is the Ultimate!
Vajrasattva being a derivative of the 5 Dhyani Buddhas, when you able to yoga, you have also the Power or Strength & Wisdoms of all 5 Dhyani Buddhas.

The 5 Dhyani Buddhas' abhiseka of brightness, maha perfection wisdom,... all will be your tools or weapons in succoring sentient beings and sharing Buddha Dharma!

 Shown below: Lotuschef helping attendees with offering.

A student said that when I uses Strength or power 发功, lots of light orbs!

I explained to attendees of today's session, their problem is didn't do 9-stepes breathing practice properly and well.
Also they forget that I taught them how to use Qi to draw and deliver!

Just like in chanting Amitabha's Rebirth Mantra, most failed to use Qi to deliver the spirits upwards or into Amitabha's heart chakra!

In Offering, whether in fire puja or great mandala offering, the Purpose of offering and all associated mindsets absent! Therefore, Offering is unsuccessful!

Qi, as per GM, the One & Only mobilization vehicle in Cultivation!

When you can't use Qi to move anything around, pray tell how you going to move your Offering into relevant "Hands"!

Pretty demoralizing to tell attendees that NONE of them can perform Offering or Meditation properly or with some degree of success?

However, One can't lie about Cultivation levels!

Student H said that student Y didn't cultivate regularly.
I said that she is wrong!
Student Y's aura has brightened much, which bespoke diligent cultivation!

I said also that when one cultivate properly, his one session is more effective than a Thousand sessions by someone who don't do so properly!

A good example is the ambassador, whom GM said attain success in 10 months!
In recent session, GM also brought his case up and said that most of those by his sides haven't cultivate near the ambassador's level even in decades!

The Truth though Unpalatable, must be reveal in order to help in proper mindset for cultivation success.

Student J said after today's session that I shared lots of tips that are important!

At the start of this session, I asked whether anyone has questions.
Everybody kept quiet!
I then said: Nothing to ask can mean - You all know everything already or You don't know what you need to know or clarify!

I know somehow they have lots of "Don't Know" !

When I asked for Visualization of repentance during the chanting of the mantra, J able to reproduce what I shared previously but with parts missing. :)

Dear all,
In this case, most of them don't have fundamentals enough to raise queries, agree?

O! I wrote much about offering too!

Best to go do some research on all related topics of each step of Sadhana if you are serious or sincere in cultivating well!

This is from a student who has no time to continue to join group cultivation.
[In terms of cultivation, most importantly you have walk us into the right path when we got started where our affinity got us together.
Indeed, because of that, L and I are able to cultivate on our own now.]

Hahaha! Such confidence! Positive Thinking!

Like the rest of attendees, the above will not be able to cultivate well on their own, as Fundamentals are missing. 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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