Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pure Karma at the Borobudur [1]

Keeping my promise to share Meditation Techniques at the Borobudur.
We chanted Guru's mantra and then Sakyamuni Buddha's mantra before practicing 9-steps breathing and then enters Meditation proper.

Visualization: After forming Hand mudra of Sakyamuni Buddha, visualize you are Sakyamuni Buddha in the center of this mandala, The Borobudur.
Then all Buddhas are around you in 3 circles and all Boddhisattvas all seated in 6 squarish - formation.

There is a Buddha statue in each of these bell-shaped structure or Stupa, forming 3 rounds with the centre largest stupa, a representation of Sakyamuni Buddha.

There is a Buddha inside each of this stupa. Sadly this one is headless.

The First square formation of Boddhisattvas. 

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