Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Is this True Nirvana?

 Lets recap: 
Shown above: a tour guide stood here & told his clients, a group of European tourist: This is Nirvana. As you can see there is Economy, Business & First Class!

Below: Photo captured at Caotun temple after GM's event.

 Above: Captured during a Happy Hour event for Senior Citizens hosted by Lotus Light Charity. It also happens to be my birthday.

Below: Captured during a Fire Offering session by Pure Karma.

Below: Captured at Nirvana memorial gardens Singapore, during one of Pure Karma's Merits dedication session.

See the 3 round formation around the center?
This is as per the tour guide, Nirvana with 3 class distinction! :)

This is Lotuschef after meditation or charging up session at the Borobudur!

O! Last but not least, TBS' elders used to teach all fellow students and all grades of dharma propagators to chant a slogan containing this part :
May GM not enter Nirvana.....

GM explained Nirvana and asked that all stop chanting the slogan with this part, but some still do so and also put up posters with this as part of the slogan too.


Dear all,
Nirvana is Invisible and a state of Enlightenment & Buddhahood!

Major fundamentals of Buddha's teachings of Boddhicitta - No Differentiation; No Discrimination; All are One & One represents All;....

Therefore, does Nirvana has Economy; Business or First Class?

Nirvana is attainable through sincere & diligent cultivation and not touchable nor visible.

Nirvana is also very private & personal too!
Each individual has to find their own way there!
Once found, Nirvana is with you always!

What is the Borobudur to me?
If you have read GM's 密教大光华 - Tantrayana's Maha Bright Flower.
It details all one ever needs to start cultivation with.
A beginners handbook that also results in leading you to the Ultimate.

There are 4 requisites for one to cultivate Tantra Dharma as recommended by GM,
1. Resources
2. Partner
3. Good Guru's teachings
4. Conducive environment

The Borobudur is just a Conducive Environment to meditate.
Others may feel differently!

As to visions, dependent on Yidams chosen for Samadhi!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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