Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Knife At The Throat [用刀掐脖子]?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Mengalungkan Pisau di Leher?

Hi all, this is yet another interesting journey with Pure Karma through the Dharma Treasures onto the Bodhi Path.

Please bring along all you have acquired in terms of Dharma Treasures, please. :)

Let us begin.

Tactically, you can "defused" this threat as shown in the pictures above. :)

What's my point?

I am talking about people that "THINK" they have a knife at your throat
YES! Not physically but Mentally or Delusion!

Please refer to GM's book 231 [The Legendary Tales of The Dharma King - King's Ayu's wife and son]法王的大传说 - 阿育王的妻儿.
Found on page 46 to 49.

I have brought this up before in this blog.

GM talks about Karma returning to King Ayu, from his wife & son, similar to History repeating itself.

In History, King Ayu believed a prophecy that his new born son is very intelligent and will one day kill his own father, to be King himself.
Thus King Ayu banished his wife to be locked away and his baby boy to be throw into the wilderness and leave to die.

The son survived and attempts many times to save his mother and also to kill his father, King Ayu.
His mother died from sorrow of injustice and after many failed attempts at killing his father, the son died from great anger and hatred.

GM asked all to figure who is the King, the Wife, and the Son, in this lifetime?

I am telling the Wife & the Son that also made several attempts to eliminate the King this visit, or this round, go read Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, for your salvation.

Karma works for each one, equally.
Nature is a Great Balance. :)

If you exact more than what is owe to you both by the King, you will ended by owing the King. 
To create karmic debts that will see both of you thrown into Timeless or Vajra Hell, should you continue?

Now, instead of thinking that what I revealed are all "Talking Bad" about both of you, why don't you thank me for doing my best to save you from deepening your karmic negatives?

Hahaha! You should also thank the King for being compassionate in sending me to halt your suicidal activities!

Wake-up, please! 

The KNIFE is never at the King's throat nor Mine! 


There are some that No one can ever harm.

We arrived!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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