Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pure Karma Semarang Event [3]

Pure Karma's version of Kurukulla mandala - the 10 directional arrows shooting practice.
Simple & precise! :)
A mandala should not be cluttered up and murky.
It should be bright and welcoming. :)

Also it is easy for anyone to build one, which is "No suffering" created to anyone who wants to cultivate with sincerity and not to show off or burden with immense cost of building a mandala to cultivate! 
See you have to adhere to all Buddha's fundamentals at all times in cultivation!

Hahaha! If your visualization power is strong, you don't even need to build or set up a physical mandala or one with visible & touchable Form! 

The purification of offering; and the invocation of Fire Deity begins.

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