Thursday, June 26, 2014

佛菩萨认识你吗? Divinities Know You?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Apakah Para Dewata Tahu Tentang Keberadaanmu? [佛菩萨认识你吗?]

Recently, over a cup of tea, I spoke to a couple.
I told them that everything in Tantra Cultivation is dependent of Root Guru being our Link to the Universe.

I had also explain last Sunday during Cultivation of Vajrasattva Repentance,
What you have for this Life, or your resources is dependent on the Amount of Auspicious Merits 福报 you accumulated from previous Lifetime.
For example: you bring 10millions dollars.
You hit the jackpot for some lottery and won all 10 millions at one go.
You have nothing left after you spent this 10 millions!
However, if you cultivate Boddhicitta or is charitable all your life, YOU earn Auspicious Merits that will multiply with each Charitable deed to ensure that you are well off to continue to be Charitable. :)

They brought up 金母马上有钱法 Golden Mother's Immediately Have Money Practice.
This one needs Abhiseka from Root Guru.
Also GM was very specific with regards to all these Fortune Churning Practices.
Divinities and Fortune Deities will not entertain you because They Do Not Know You!
Also even through Root Guru, you need to have accumulated relevant amount of auspicious merits to allot you relevant amount of wealth or resources!

If you listen to GM attentively & comprehensively, YOU will Never Chase $$$ this way! :)

Now, in another recent case, a student asked for help, crying and seeking help because the family's fishing vessel hit something and there is a big hole, causing water to enter the vessel and slowly sinking it.

Prior to this, we were discussing plans to do event in this student's hometown.

GM instructed that we do event elsewhere for this date.
So we change venue.

I was informed by the student that the finally managed to raise the fishing vessel last week.

In the above case, the student was disappointed and pretty unhappy.

However, this unhappy feeling and disappointment should not arise, if One has Absolute Faith in Root Guru!

For this case, GM helped by getting Dragon King of the area to assist.
Like recent articles that I shared in this blog, the Karmic influences of the subjects come into play or consideration.

One cannot Overdraft on Auspicious Merits 福报 or Buddha Affinities 佛缘!

The Decision of holding an event elsewhere truly came about because of the Karmic influences of this student's entire family.
Lack of Auspicious Merits or Buddha Affinity this time, doesn't mean forever.
So rectification is to cultivate more diligently as a family to build Buddha Affinity!

Without GM, your Root Guru, will Dragon King help you?
Without the relevant merits & affinities, Help extended is limited!

Unhappiness can lead to anger & hatred to Hit Out or Take Revenge!
Watch that you do not fall prey to the 3 Poisons of Greed, Ignorance, Aversions!

Buddha is infinitely wise and compassionate to all as One!
Do you merit Buddha's compassion?

Do you think you have enough merits to ensure all your wishes are granted?

What Am I Doing?

Truly understand what I am doing and asking?

Have you employed the 8 Fold Noble Path in this matter?

Sentient wishes & demands should never interfere with a Sincere & Diligent Cultivator's outlook even for a fraction of a second.

Remember to Free Self to Break Free from 6 Realms of Samsara.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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