Thursday, June 19, 2014

Caught 4 Parasitic Worms 抓出四条蛔虫

Terjemahan Indonesia: Menangkap Empat Cacing Parasit

This is also from GM's book 235, from page 10 - 13.

Summary translation by Lama Lotuschef


GM talks about not be affected by his surroundings and the happenings ongoing around him.
He has mastered the art of meditation and nothing touches him. :)

He recounts an incident as follows:

Suddenly he found himself at the peak of a mountain and from the universal void a Buddha appeared.
This Buddha uses lighting like light to shine on GM.
A sound of "Pee - Lee" & 4 parasitic worms drop from GM's anus.

This aren't the actual parasitic worms but have heads and faces, body like parasite but head are of human.
GM took a look and he recognized these people.
Who are they?
They are a group of small/petty people.
Following these 4 big worms, their smaller ones also dropped out.

Upon asking, Gm found out this Buddha is Nagaraja Buddha.

Nagaraja Buddha told GM that he saw this lion's worm eating lion's flesh, and in order to clear GM's bodily hindrances, he came expressly to exorcize these worms.

GM concluded by saying that although these worms are parasites, they are also sentient beings.
Therefore, when these worms pass through many kalpas of suffering in Hell, there will be an eventual day that these worms come back to his sides.
Because they are sentient beings, and GM vows to not leave out anyone.

GM said that we have to experience through treacherous dangers in order to reach the perfection of the other shore.


From this story, I am sure that readers are glad that 4 of those major treacherous parasites and their lackeys had been eliminated.

Lets us cultivate diligently with GM's guidance and help GM to "scrape off" those parasites on the exterior surfaces too! :)
O! Please also Refrain from turning yourself into One such parasites.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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