Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pure Karma Semarang [1] - Event Preparation

Above: sandalwood sticks tied with ribbon and 6-realms vajra mantra wheel printed incense.

Below: Pure Karma's own designed incense folded in heart-shapes. 

Yidams for today's session is White Padmakumara 大白莲花童子, Ragarajah 爱染明王, Kurukulla 咕噜咕咧佛母.

We have 2 Affinity yidams, therefore plenty of Love around from all the Loving Hearts! :)

Charging up for the Preparation of Fire puja event! :)

What a gorgeous spread of Sumptuousness!!!

Host & Hostess standing in this picture, are responsible for feeding Pure Karma's team! :)

This fried rice is full of ingredients and taste - out of this world!!!

The roast pork & char-siew are really out of this world.
Compared with the ones that is very good in Medan, I prefer these from Semarang as they are less fatty and most lean meat! :)

On the table, the fried stuff are from Lumpung. They are all kinds of Fish-cakes!

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