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Book 235: Heavenly Doctor 天医神君

Terjemahan Indonesia: Tabib Langit [天医神君]

This article is found in page 50 - 53 of GM's book 235 - Visitors from the Spiritual Realm.

Summary Translation by Lama Lotuschef


There was this couple who flew to Taiwan to seek help from GM.
Their request: Married for 15 years without child, wish that His Holiness, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng, exhibit his great astral abilities, let us have a child.

GM said: OK.
Then he blessed them with Mo-ding and also give them a Talisman that he imprinted or stamped with a breath of "HA".

GM said: When home, select a "Success/Fruitful" day, drink the talisman and wait for miracle.
[Success/Fruitful can be found on the Lunar Calendar or Chinese Almanac as 成日].

That night, a heavenly visitor arrived.
He said that he is Heavenly Doctor - appointed as Deity Magistrate.

He then explained that the talisman Gm gave to the couple for a child, originates from him. 
His purpose of visit is to clarify with GM that as the talisman originates from him, when drinking the talisman do not enable the couple to have child, his Duty is at stake. 
GM was puzzled and asked for reason.

Heavenly doctor: this lady has both ovaries removed due to inflammation. Therefore without ovaries or eggs, how to have child?
Talisman of [Inherently or Naturally become pregnant] is ineffective.

GM: Buddha's Dharma is Infinite, can you give her 2 ovaries, then she can have children.

Heavenly Doctor: I do have powers to heal blindness, deaf, wheelchair bound. I can change livers, kidneys, hearts, and revive the dead, but for this couple I can't do anything.

GM: Why?

Heavenly Doctor: This couple's families are wealthy, this wealth is accumulated by illegal deeds, thus the ancestors do not have merits.
If have merits passed down from ancestors, with Heavenly grace, can heal illness in life. The couple today, their ancestors have no merits, thus cannot save.

GM sighed: Sentient beings should cultivate merits, to prevent compromising their descendants.
I empathize those sentient beings affected and suffering from karmic negatives influences.


Dear all, 
GM tried his best to help all in need.
However, Do You merit this help?
Do you have merits enough for this help to be fruitful or materialize?

Why don't you start cultivating  diligently to help yourself and your ancestors now?

You can do charity on behalf of your ancestors as well as for self.
  1. Charity can consist of monetary donations to charitable causes;
  2. volunteering your efforts (muscles) to do work for needies at certain institution;
  3. Dharma charity of cultivation and dedication of merits to all sentient beings which include your karmic foes and also those of your ancestors of this and past lifetimes.

Pure Karma does Ancestors Offering or Dedication 3 times a year.
  1. Qing Ming festival - Tomb sweeping day. [Early April.]
  2. Zhong Yuan Festival - Lunar 7th month - also called Ghost festival
  3. A month before Chinese New Year.

This event aims to provide ancestors with abundant resources to even share with those in need around them. 

Pure Karma also does offering to Homeless Spirits during all events, to charitably provide the needy spirits with resources.

One tub of these incense are for Homeless Spirits.

All these light orbs shows how happy our offering is being accepted.

Homeless spirits are spirits that do not have or do not receive any resources from anyone or any descendant. 

Want to do something now? 
The good thing about Cultivation is that you can atone for wrongs to others from Self and also your Ancestors.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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