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The Greatest Key-pointer 最最最大的口訣

Title: Gateway to Infinite Dharma Treasures

The English title is not what GM meant.
打開-to open; 寶庫- Treasure Warehouse; 之門 - Door of 
I would use this as title to be closer to GM's - Opening Door of Treasure Trove or Treasure Warehouse.
There is no mention of Dharma Treasures in GM's choice of title, therefore, someone chose to Over-ride GM's choice yet again.

English Summary translation by Lama Lotuschef:-

GM shared a joke.
A client ordered a bowl of Beef noodle, and discovered that there isn't beef in the his bowl of beef noodle!

He asked the boss of the shop & received a very decisive answer in the form of a question. The question: when you eat Sun biscuits, is there Sun in the biscuits?
Client was dumbfounded.

This joke has deep meaning and reveal the Greatest Key-pointer.
GM shared frequently: 
There is No Sun inside Sun Biscuits.
There is No Moon inside Moon Cakes.
There is No Wife inside Wife Biscuits.
Recently, there is an [Ingestible Oil] incident in Taiwan, 
Olive Oil - No olive
Sesame Oil - No sesame
Peanut Oil - No peanut
Chilli Oil - No chilli
This Key-pointer is: 
Don't Have, Don't Have, Don't Have. 
Or [None, None, None].
That is [Void, Void, Void].

From this, GM frequent liken "On the Moon", What's on the moon?
There is no human, no cars, no houses on the Moon.
Nothing, there is no Authority, no money, no beauty, on the Moon.
What is Good / Bad / Right / Wrong / Buddha / Mara / Joy / Anger / Righteous / Evil ? ...on the Moon. 

GM: Let me tell you all: 
Everything is a spread of clear bright and tranquilly silent ocean.

This is 「泯心泯境」means Eliminate Heart Eliminate Plane / Realm
泯 mǐn - 消灭 - Eliminate
>Note: This phrase can be found in certain sutras. Please do your own research.

This Key-pointer is: 
Human beings and all matters and materials on this Earth, Everyone perceive as True, actual existing, too real! 

However, can think like this:
People will die.
Matters will past.
Materials will spoil.
Everything on Earth with Form, cannot prevent from 「成住壞空」- 
成 - build up or assemble or merge
住 - stay or be attached or be fixed
壞 - spoil or damage
空 - Void or Cannot be use anymore

Those with Wisdom Eye able to see Infinite changes in instances, comprehend 
「虛幻不實」- Illusive or imaginary and not true.

If Cultivator can have these thoughts or mindsets, sooner or later can be Enlightened, this is the greatest key-pointer.

憶持 is the most important.
To keep in mind, to remember and maintain.
Description: 梵語 dhārana,巴利語同。
觀無量壽經 {梵文Amitāyurdhyāna-sūtra}(大一二‧三四二下):
「汝等憶持,廣為大眾分別解說。」Page: p6221]]

With 憶持 Dharana, this key pointer,can then leave [upside down wild thoughts] 顛倒妄想,[Greed, Aversion, Ignorance] 貪瞋癡,[Suffering of troublesome thoughts] 煩惱。
That is:
  Void all external planes/realm 空寂外境。
  Eliminate inner Heart 滅了內心。
  Internal and External all Silenced 內外俱寂。
  How can Wild / Unwholesome Heart/Thoughts arise?

Ponder on [Moon in Water「水中月」],[Flower in Mirror「鏡中花」],
[You, yourself in this Saha World,what can you ever gain? 
This way, you can then Truly understand and truly realized!

GM shorten and quoted a passage from [Romance of the Red Chamber] as follows: 



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