Sunday, June 22, 2014

22-6-2014 [You, Truly have listened to Shizun's words?]

Terjemahan Indonesia: 22 Juni 2014 [Kamu, sungguh-sungguhkah telah mendengarkan kata-kata Guru?]
Chinese version: 22-6-2014 【你,真的有听师尊的话吗?】

The above a screen-capture on 22 June 2014, at 12:46 pm, Singapore Time.
That is 21:46 hours, Seattle Time.

Today, Shizun talked about [Wisdom]; [Yoga] achieved, Self will know; ....

The above bulletin is already over or expired, obviously, you all didn't pay proper attention to Shizun's words.

Have a look at item [3]

3, 慶典當日下午兩點,有師尊親自主持的"長壽三尊護摩法會",

不入涅槃! = Do not enter Nirvana!

Again wishing that Shizun [Do not enter Nirvana!]

Big Brothers, Big Sisters!

This You; You: You:..... really have never been attentive to Root Guru's words,
Try to Think: Have any of you broke through and achieved Enlightenment?

[Enlightened] or [Start to Blunder]?
Or maybe from Time Immemorial till now, you all have been in [Blunder]!

Or From Time Immemorial till now, rolling in Sentient Mud, never ever have a minute or a second of [Purity]!

Wake up now!

Be Decisive and be reborn; Step into [Pure Karma] now!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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