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忙灵安置好了吗?Settled the Departed Spirit?

This is Without Prejudice and should not be taken any other way, but sharing some Truths only!

Read with Open Mind, please!

Please refer to the following and also all articles on Sea Burial & Bardo Delivery.

1:14 PM Chat:-
Me: Today funeral over. Can rest up a bit. Helping out a friend is not an easy task in case of wakes.

AA: so many tears and crying, tak boleh tahan hor
the cremation is over and they will spread the ashes in the Ancol bay

Me: O! That's not a good way for remains of the dead. Unless they do good Bardo, setup a place for this person's spirit to call Home!
Else this spirit will become Homeless spirits

AA: oh ya?
so it's better to put the ashes in the columbarium instead?
i do wonder about that as well, catholic doesn't have any idea about bardo

Me: No better or not. People think it's Trendy for sea burial

AA: and the procession is too mar fun, you're right!

the friars leading the masses were sort of have no idea with what they are doing - conducting by reading the book

Me: Simply put ashes in urn n put at home in a bright place n can put flowers fruits water cakes n etc to offer also can

AA: and i tell them so, they would surely think i'm too superstitious hahaha

Me: Lighting fragrances or aromatic incenses that gives serenity or tranquility also can

AA: because catholic and christian totally believe that once a person is dead, he/she is in the hand of god

Me: As GM said , jesus don't have enough time to share "Dharma"

AA: is raising a tablet can replace the original ashes or not?
yes, too soon to die (Jesus)

Me:That's a dumb question to ask me! Tablet n alternatives? Hahaha!

AA: because of the tradition

Me: What is subject at hand?
AA: hahaha
otherwise people can sincerely invoke and present offerings

Me: Well? What?

AA: i mean those non-buddhist people who perform sea burial will have no idea that their deceased are now lingering homeless

Me: It works for all, no matter what form of burial. Dear dear, subject?

You were in a video call with AA

Dear all, 
Death and Burial has no demarkation of whatever the Religious belief and tradition of the Deceased Individual, nor his family.

The important thing is Where is the Deceased Spirit going to go and where can this Spirit rest in the meantime!

Remember the Question that GM asked, about When the real & fake roses will be Equal?

Answer: When both were thrown into the rubbish bins. They ended as Rubbish!

However, a student liken the same scenario to a Lion & a Dog.
In Death, Lion and Dog is also NOT EQUAL!

Every being with LIFE & DEATH will never be Equal no matter which form they take or are presently in.
Their Karmic Influences! 
Only when an Individual can BREAK FREE from Reincarnation into the 6 Realms of Samsara, then this Individual is ONE with the Universe and not subjected to Karmic retributions!

We all attended Wakes and Funerals of friends and relatives from different religious leanings, and they "DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY".

Crying alot and receiving consolation or condolences from relatives and friends, HAVE ANYONE GIVEN A THOUGHT TO THE DECEASED SPIRIT?

Sadly, NO!

In the 49 days article from this blog, this deceased spirit had Sea Burial, tried for 5 weeks after his demise to communicate with his wife & daughter.
Failing all the time, from the 6th week, he started on getting to an acquaintance, P, he met during calligraphy lessons, who happened to be a student of GM Lu, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng.

Finally on the 48th day, he got his identity know to P, and on the morning of the 49th day, P called me and asked for my help to do Bardo delivery for this spirit.

When I wrote the refuge certificate for this spirit, I can feel his relief. 
When chanting the 4 Refuge, I felt his presence and instructed him about refuge.

P & I, managed to settle this spirit on the 49th Day of Bardo existence!
After 49th day, the Spirit will be allocated as per their karmic influences.

NOW! What's my point?
No matter how you buried the deceased, Most of you didn't spare a serious and caring thought for the eventual direction the deceased spirit is heading.

Don't start yelling and throwing abuses at me!

The Korean Dramas have left many thinking that It is stylish and the In-thing to bury your deceased by Sea Burial of scattering ashes into water!

For those that spent a fortune doing funerals as recommended by "Professionals" from Funeral companies, most of you think paying huge sums can help the deceased too. 

Karma of the deceased need to be reckon with though, irregardless of religious leanings and cost of funerals services & what "professionals" advised.

The article with link above, written by my Root Guru, GM Lu, is an example of Karmic Influences.

Therefore, even before Death, an individual should try his very best to clear the Karmic Negative slate first, agree?

If already Dead, then do charity in the name of the Dead.

The solution is that Simple! 

If you need more details, please write to

Charges may apply.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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