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31-5-2014 Links to Guru's Speech - Karma


05/31/2014 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection Dzogchen by Grand Master Lu-Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple

Yidam for this session: Guru Rinpoche; Padmasambhava.

Now Let's Have FUN! 

GM started with telling why Shi-mu, VM Lian Xiang, is going to be absent from present and future cultivation session & events.
She said she is very tired and need to rest and she also wants to dedicate her time to caring for her grandkids. :)

However, GM recounted a recent example that resulted in Shi-mu being tired and exhausted!
GM said the Guam chapter's chief asked about 400 questions before GM's visit.
Asking even minor details to ensure nothing goes wrong for GM's visit to Guam.

Shi-mu is totally exhausted by these non-ending bombardment of questions through her mobile over a few days!

She finally said to the Guam Chapter's chief: When Shizun arrived, everything will be alright!

Karma's Phenomenon of Cause & Effect!

If you only glean through the Surface of GM's statements, then you should truly as GM said learn to use the 8 Fold Noble Path from the 4 Noble Truths to Clear Yana 1! 
The very first stage of cultivation or the first rung of the Yana ladder to Maha Perfection Dharma.

There are great depths to the above "excuse" of Exhaustion!

Culture of Sentient Being in Core or Administration is the culprit!

In this blog, have you read and comprehend that Core runs a TBS of their own Interpretation and for their own Private Agendas and Enhancement?

All through the years, Core's TBS functions exactly like a Commercial or Government Entity!
Those in Core demands Absolute Obedience and Set their own Rules which they think are Laws that all TBS students should adhere and abide by!

Can you see now why when Guam Chapter finally settled with Core and Shi-mu to their satisfaction in securing GM's visit, Guam Chapter has no choice but to ensure Every Big or Little Detail must also get approval from Shi-mu? 

So Shi-mu's exhaustion is brought about by Own deeds, agree?


One do not Run a Buddhist Assembly the Sentient minded way! 

Pointing out all the "discrepancies" resulted in being hounded and expelled from this Sentient Orientated TBS!

To borrow GM's phrase from the same session: I Don't Care!


Dear all, 
I have shared often in this blog about "Giving over Self to be controlled by others"!

In Buddha Dharma, letting go means break free and One achieved Purity from Sentient Mud!

When you think you need something badly, you are trapped by all tentacles of Sentient nature!

If you still can't distinguish between Sentient Mindset & Buddha Mindset, Start to Listen only to Your Root Guru and stay away from all others that are hindering you in reaching the Boddhi Path!

Please go watch the above video links and Make Up Your Own Mind, who to listen to and cultivate accordingly!

Let us be fill with Joy uncovering GM's Treasure Casket!
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Dear all, 
In Cultivation, as per GM, YOU only need to plough in Diligent efforts Yourself and No One Can do that for you! 

Whether YOU have Mighty Faith in GM or not, also dependent upon Self and nothing to do with anyone else too! 

The Shijie's statement of Thanking Lotuschef exhibited her True Body Speech & Mind! :)

No further comments.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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