Thursday, June 26, 2014

像老板娘的老太婆 Bossy Old Lady?

Lots of fellow students from Indonesia labelled Lotuschef as a Bossy Old Lady!

Now look through photos above and in this blog, are they lying?

Lotuschef is 58 years old, born in the year of the Monkey in 1956.
Does Lotuschef looks like any 58 years old around you?

Now look at GM, born in the year of the Rooster in 1945.
He is 69 years old.
Does GM looks like any other 69 years old near you?

Becoming younger or staying youthful looking is yet another Benefit of Tantra Cultivation!

Why am I telling you something that GM has also revealed quite frequently?
To stop you all from breaching precepts of Lying! :)

Now we have settled the OLD part of Bossy Old Lady, amicably?

Hahaha! Lets proceed to deal with BOSSY!

GM has been sharing Authentic Buddha Philosophy & Dharma with all for 40+years.
As per GM, to be exact, 44 years!

Students of GM Lu, have become COMPLACENT with the ideology that they only need to pay to get help from GM through VMs!

Sad really! 
Because Cultivation as per GM, who stresses this fact frequently in recent sessions, Depends Solely on Self Diligent Efforts!

Now for those that called me Bossy old lady, you have reactions from my Dharma sharings!!!
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom!!!

You Are Awake!!!

You Feel that I am Bossy! 
For all sentient mindsets, when you called someone Bossy, YOU FEEL your EGO pricked! 
You felt "Attacked"!
Normal reactions!

Now, this is sentient mindset being PLAYED by Buddha's Philosophy & Dharma! :)

A Sentient Mindset – When Attacked, YOU retaliate Instantaneously!

However, this lack of Mindfulness, almost always resulted in WOES and Failure!
So You awaken a little more, and go find alternatives to take revenge, to maintain your EGO & Pride of Status!

YES! Now you walked into Lotuschef's designed path for you!
You will start to read Lotuschef's articles thoroughly to find anything that you can Launch a Big Aggressive Hit!

But Buddha's Philosophy & Dharma are such that The More You Dig or The Deeper You Dig, YOU will turn over a new leaf and Stop All Aggression and Begin Compassion well synchronized with Wisdom for all beings!

Before you hurl Bossy Old Lady at Lotuschef or anyone from NOW, please chant Guru Mantra and seek Wisdom TO DO OR NOT TO DO!

IF DO, How to go about it the Buddha's way!

If you still like to call me a Bossy Old Lady in an unfriendly way, YOU are not ready for Buddha's Dharma!

If you call me a Bossy Old Lady, lovingly, You have arrived! :)

THINK Well before you make your next step, please.
Don't leave home without the 4 Noble Truths too!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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