Monday, June 30, 2014

你还是不明白 You Still Don't Understand?

This book is out of stock in most outlets!


Reason: Most sentient mindset perceived that GM wrote down all the Keys to Cultivation and this means a book of shortcuts to successful cultivation!

For those that read it, can you understand the Keys that GM specially Highlighted like these:

佛性是自然顯現的 Buddha Nature Naturally Appears

Buddha nature is not born/develop by cultivation, but as long as Diligently achieved No Thoughts, Buddha Nature will naturally appears.

最重要的口訣是:The most important Key-pointer is:
Do not need to request to see & affirm Buddha Nature, only need to extinguish [wild and fanciful thoughts].

修行口訣是:Key-pointers to Cultivation:

  一、人間是幻。Sentient Realm is Imaginary.
  二、無有苦樂。There is no Sorrow or Joy.
  三、真如絕對。True nature is Absolute.
  四、我是無我。I am without Self/ Selfless.

I am a very clear and comprehensive person.
Saintly students please remember these key-pointers by heart, go diligently realised them and [Succour Self as well as Others].

Breaking Free and Bodhi, All within.

Dear all,
The above is just an example of what you will find in this book which GM said contains lots of Key-pointers.

GM has just highlighted some key-points for student to work on.

Remember the Flower Adornment or Avatamsaka Sutra?

A Buddha teaches each Individual according to their level of Intelligence!

Hahaha! Lotuschef is very naughty in "pouring icy cool water" to douse your Fiery impetus to Possessed this book of Key-pointers Instantly! :)

My Bad?
Not really!

You need to wake up to the fact that in Cultivation, knowledge is an important Key to First Comprehend and then execute to succour Self as well as Others! 

Fast or Slow truly depends on the Individual's diligent efforts plough into Cultivation for the Benefit of ALL BEINGS! 

Mindset is an important Key too!

Now, is there need to go rush out and grab a copy of this book?

Haven't I showed you that in all GM's sharing, there are lots of Key-pointers, if you but pay close attention!

Everything GM shared and still sharing are beneficial!
So not only this book 240! :)

So please Pay Attention at all times!

Hahaha! You need the Right Key to open this Treasure Trove of GM's.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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