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Lotuschef at Play - Realization 醒觉

Crazy Wisdom - Core's Suicide?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Kebijaksanaan yang nampak gila – Komite pusat malah cari mati?

[[ Refer to: [宗委會 通告] 護法如金剛,諸惡不能壞;此身如燈明,能破三界冥. 《宗委會》全力號召,真佛金剛護法,挺身而出,破除魔障.

Wow! Core made another [$$ Churning Project], yet again.
Last time they sell the Sarira Pagoda:- they said to pay paparazzi to silence them and keep them Sweet, so that they will only write Favorable "news" about TBS and Guru!

Now? They want $$ to Take Legal Actions against those that Defame Guru & TBS!


TBS? The True TBS that is Pure and Unchangeable, is not what Core has in mind!

Their TBS is sullied and brandished around as EVIL CULT! ]]

Well, are we into Sentient mindsets of Playing True & False again?

Remember GM said Comparison leads to Disputes! :)

Now let us bring in Impermanence; Formless; Non Duality;... some of key pointers or guides for a Buddhist student to use to reach Enlightenment.

In the case of the paparazzi, GM has said he is not bothered at all with Slander; verbal abuses; even violence against him.
Why did Core churned the story of Bribing paparazzi to silence adverse reporting and Buy favorable ones?
Therefore, Core defined Paparazzi as False reports and also Manipulatable as long as the Right $$$ is paid!
This is a Great insult to all reporters at large, agree?

However, if Core & Shi-mu gave this excuse or reason for urgent need of Funds; there must be some reporters that are 'up for sale to the highest bidders' so to speak, agree?

This statement has Truth in it though. :)

VM Lian Wang said to me in Seattle's Rainbow Temple after fire puja event: 
We will reinstate you as TBS' reverend if you delete all articles we deem unsuitable and also all future ones have to pass through us and only those approved by us, then you will be allowed to publish them!

Too bad for Core, Lotuschef can't be threatened and bought off by their Threats & promises!

Now, GM's statements and sharings on Maha Perfection actually Refuted all that Core, include Shi-mu had fed to GM's students and the Public!

If you still think that Lotuschef is not Truthful about Buddha Dharma or GM's sharing, please Wake up now!

Didn't Lotuschef stressed the Importance of the 4 Noble Truths from the very beginning and how to use these in Daily life to enhance Life for all beings?

A: wrote another naughty one, hit Core dead on

B: ha7 big bro syndrome xD

A: Funny. right?
our G also like that! ask for people to show off

B:for them.being big bro is bigger income, not responsibilities lol
hahha G

A: ya. he will start with Fashi, I ask you.. why my .... or XX says or who n who .....

B: he knows alr, but keep asking, who knows win a free wenshi jackpot :)

A: B, you are very naughty too

B: hahha :D sumtimes tak boleh tahan commenting ppl

A: learn to listen then think & try not to act


C: so, this semarang session got some free wenshi jackpot lol
reminds me of M lol

A: No. Wenshi
M? Thank god is now in ZZ

C: hahaha, otherwise she will hold your hand until you answer all of her queries
it's true like GM just said: if you're too kind, people will take advantage of you

A: Thing is, they don't need answers at all. They can use their own brains

B: 4 noble truths also speak of letting go in the solution, i bet it solves most of mundane problems
no wonder not everyone can use the concept, despite its effectiveness

A: problem with all is EGO n won't show they don't know
if each one will only listen, analyse n not act rashly with great speed, lots of things can be avoided

thats why Hui neng said that All Thoughts are Evil
that is if you let these thoughts carry you away

See L, I said something she went ahead and concoct lots of stories to be on TOP or Above others

See Y? same thing! :)
She didn't completely understand what I am telling her!

even the phrasing of her email can be done in a way to show she has wisdom and fit to be representative!

All don't have the Basic 4 noble truths!

From the start I have been talking about 4 noble truths and nobody takes me seriously about how important this is! Hehe!

Greater fools those that labelled me a crazy fool!

C: hmmm carried away
yes, lesson of the day!

A: people kept hearing GM said 4 noble truths since he started 9 yanas as well

hahaha! most didn't realized it takes a diligent person with a compassionate heart to use after 10 years or more of study & practice!
Most can't see 4 noble truths as their Elixir from start to finish too!

so many think they already know but how many really can use it effectively in daily life to help others?

How do I read L & Y & etc. well?

8 fold noble path teaches these too,  couple with special seeing frequency, pretty accurate :)

like the J shijie that keeps saying thank you to me for my mighty faith in GM. She acts as if she cultivate well & also gave me advice from time to time.

in caotun temple last year, she n her husband took photo with ksiti n published
She is chasing External form! Hahaha!

Hahaha! I am watching Korean drama: Beethoven Virus!
I am like the conductor that is unpopular all over! :)

C: oh that J, giving tips as well hahaha
oh beethoven, some of his works are furious

A: Ya. Another big sister
GM exposed to all these people for 40 years! 
Hahaha! I am thankful he is sharing some of his experiences with me daily!

Dear all, 
GM stresses that Cutlivation depends Solely on Diligence of Self efforts and a Good Guru's guidances.

Don't get involve with people that uses GM as a Money-tree, they rock and shake him when they need Money!

Silenced the Paparazzi? 
Silenced the Defamators?
Is there Need?

Think: What is the Common Motive in these Silencing?
Profit margins!

The more negative piled against GM, the less profit for these people in Core, agree?

If you have fallen prey to these schemes, take it as paying for a lesson which is in your path to Nirvana! 
Do not develop any negatives like Resentment or Anger or Aversion of being cheated!

O! Another Important Factor is knowing each one has Limited Capacity, when you are full of negatives, you have no vacancy for positives!

This is why Buddha speaks of 3 categories of beings that are unsuitable for succor, that is 
those without Affinity; 
those that do not Believe;
those with great negative Karma.

This is the reason why for most that followed GM for 40 years but still lost or unreceptive to GM's teachings. :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Edited from Notes of Lotuschef

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