Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lotuschef in Chat - Choice & Responsibility 选择与承担/负责

Chanting Session

A1:Dear Fashi, some can't make it at 6pm this Saturday, are you ok if we change to start at 7pm?


PK: Ask the host n find a time to suit most.

A1 : What to do.. they want me to ask u leh... lol

PK: Dear all,
Cutlivation timing?

You all agree can liao.

Sound so childish to ask me which means I take the responsibility to decide and make someone who can't make it Unhappy!

Let us think of each other and schedule a time to suit most, if not all!

I don't want to be involve and no matter who ask me also the same. :)

Just set up the session & I will do my best to attend! :)
Cheers all

A1: Dear Lw sis, pls decide. Thanks.
To PK: Good one! Haha..

Dear all, from the above dialogue, what do you think is obvious? :)

Time and Time again,  we knowingly or unknowingly shrug off Responsibility so that we won't be blamed, agree? 

Now from the beginning - 
Information was 6pm. not good for some and 7pm is ideal, agree?

Therefore, we Assumed that 7pm. is suitable too for the Host, Lw?

Actually, this query should come from the Host and not someone else, agree?

It is of utmost importance for Host to be able to accommodate attendees for the cultivation session and of course the Time should also be set by the Host.

Why then drag Lotuschef into decision making? :)

All cultivation should be done with much sincerity and diligence, and all attendees should be relax and happy too! 

Pure Karma has proven time & time again that the venue whether large or small, decorated or not, open air or enclosed space, .... all don't matter an iota to effectiveness of cultivation! :)

GM, universal divinities and etc. love to party with us too!

Remember: No Negative Vibe! 

Cultivation ultimately enable each individual to take control of own destiny too! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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