Thursday, June 5, 2014

当大哥大 Big Brother Syndrome

 The legendary muscle man, Hercules.

In ancient times, You need muscle power to be Big Brother, in order to have your own lackeys or slaves.

Another commodity you will need is great wealth you can draw upon to Buy your way through with those more powerful than you. :)

Now do keep in mind these words: More powerful than you!

In modern times, Wealth seems to be the Greater requisite than Muscles! As you can buy Muscles!!!

GM said that he doesn't like or want to be Big Brother!

With Power, you need to take on Equivalent amount of Responsibilities!

Great Power = Great Responsibilities

In an authentic Buddhist Assembly, all are Equal!

Those that attempt to be Big Brother/Sister in such an assembly are those that are least qualified to do so!

A True leader in a Buddhist assembly needs to have Buddha's attributes or characteristic like Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Compassion.

In terms of Zen Koan, I have liken Core's version of TBS as a Live example in Zen Dialogue.

Core's Big Brothers/Sisters are good subjects for all to learn; What Not to Follow Blindly!

One of my assignment's topic is "Body Speech Mind".

It is easy to read anyone from these 3 factors exhibited by all sentient minded beings or beings of No Mind of their own!

Dear all, before you take on the Fame to call the shots, to be Big brother/sister, Best for you to stop instantly as Fame is one of Mara's lures or baits!


GM said recently that a True yogi has no need to ask for his affirmation at all!

Do you still need to be Big Brother/Sister? :)

Bear in mind too that all your Body Speech Mind can create great negatives that are lethal to you!

O! If you are afraid to be exposed in Public, Do Not Instigate or Initiate any matter against a True Yogi.
This Yogi can see right through you and also your Future or subsequent Suicidal actions!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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