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禅宗公案 Zen Koan – 破灶堕和尚 Broken Stove Monk

Terjemahan Indonesia: Koan Zen – Bhiksu Tungku Rusak
Source: 破灶堕和尚

有一个 “灵性” 附在一个破灶上,以灶为身,使灶显灵。
There's a "spirit" that attached itself to a broken stove, using it as its bodily form, making the stove display "Spiritual".

Thus many came to pray, offer, and beg for aid to solve their problems.

This spirit's greed for offering, and favours bloody stuff, thus display great spiritual powers according to villagers' wishes.

At this time, words spread and all villagers slaughter cow and goat to offer to the broken stove.

There's a zen master (state master Hui-an's diciple) who happened to pass by this place, seeing the villagers' ignorance, as well as the spirit's flourishing desires, not bothered about killing and harming lives, really too ridiculous!

Thus, his great compassionate heart automatically grew, and want to succour this spirit attached to the stove.

Lifting his Zen Staff, he knock the stove 3 times, saying:

Clay and earth combined, where does the Saint comes from? Spirit arises from where? Killing and cooking lives this way!

[The above is a warning to the spirit about deeds that can result in great calamities to self and also about One's nature having no boundaries if used virtuously.]

Asking it, "spirit arises from where?"

To wake up this spirit, telling it that it is not of the clay or earthen stove, but within one's buddha nature, at this time when have no form restriction, quickly reflect and recognise buddha nature, then can be everywhere, free and unrestrained and goes about everything smoothly too.

ZM again knock 3 times, this time the stove collapsed.

Spirit display a handsome man's body, pay homage to ZM, said thankfully:

I am originally the stove deity of this temple, paying for karmic deeds for long time. Today, thanks to master for sharing - No grow or arising dharma, got to be free from this place, born in the heaven, thus specially came to express my gratitude.

由此,禅师得名为 “破灶堕” 和尚。








One's Buddha nature?

Why locked Self up into a FIXED Form?

For those chasing titles and name or fame, wake up now!

Remember GM Lu explained that our human form is a combination of elements like earth, water, fire, wind?
The 4 great disintegration 四大分解 practice?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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