Saturday, September 5, 2015

GM Knows Best - When You Need Help!

I wanted to share this Levels concept or Hierarchy of Cultivation levels or stages this morning. :)
After meeting with a fellow student, I am pretty sure of this Concept that I have for quite a while.
That is, those cultivators that are say in Level One Boddhisattva stage, not able to read or understand concepts or auras of those in higher stages.
The fellow student is able to "see" those of "lesser brightness" or lesser "pureness" than himself.

Therefore, GM threw this student's face into my vision several times in the past few months!
So instead of just helping this student out, I invited those regulars that cultivated with me along with an email.

4 of them responded, and one of which is the intended subject of my assignment!
GM knows best!

A: thats why I always teach you all to talk to GM regularly :)
hahaha! GM knows whether you give gongyang or not la.
like you offer food b4 eating, all these GM will receive as long as you are sincere
u think about it, then GM knows liao
thats a true buddha lol

like they sacked me, then told me to go clarify with GM personally!
GM already knows what they have done liao. no need to see GM personally to report on them :)

B: No doubt on what u said, I was thinking to shut off material ppl there, with some courtesy by black n white.
Thanks for all advises.

A: hehe! U didnt listen to GM well hor. No need to care or be bothered about what others choose to think too! then can break free mah

B:Which local chapter u mostly did d donations, can recommend?

A: i don't even bother to go near our corrupted temples! I donate to old folks home where ever n whenever i have funds!

so I do in Medan, Jakarta, HK, KL, SG, .....
but always in GM's name

like the lotus light charity in taiwan , I always sponsor rice donation to the needies.
remember well that Everything is between Guru & You!

B:Than I think I may donate to that old hospital in sg, where they been helping the poor on medical bills.

A: which one? best find out more, n not like the one called XXX whereby the reverend misappropriated the funds

B: Our temples here all into $$ only, no true practise. Many thanks for enlightening chats.

A: nah. u goodie good then GM will give you answers lol

B: No it is the typical Chinese name I forgot will check it out again. They r very low profile, the dad started this n passed away, now the son carry on with the dad work keeping same principle.

A: hehe! most said I money face! bcos I ask big $ b4 they can get near me!

B: Hahaha will b guru goodie student lah. Not TBS student

Aiya, that was your trick lah, either they get ur msg or don't. Not many get it lah

A: u are quite bright lol in terms of not listening n following those Titled Authority!

B: I'm a loner, love watching world go by, answers will reveals itself through time.

A: as I always said: you only need your one n only root guru! 
don't bother to listen to me too!
Hehe! dont want too many to come crowd me as well!

B: Hahaha I know, that's why ur stated $$ consult fee comes about. 
I just find difficult to find someone I can talk straight forward n freely, as most people "think" too much n may fabricate what u say, make simple msg become complicated unnecessarily. 
That's y I like to chat with u lah.

A: going solo has also different views!

[1] You have HINAYANA mindset, cultivate n save self, 
[2] you have mahayana mindset with all are one and you already transform self and all beings as ONE, and practice accordingly! 

Hahaha! I am [2] kind of Solo!

B: Hahaha
True practises of tantra as I know is direct with your own root guru n student direct relation.

A: I have not charged you a cent hor :)

B: Hahaha thanks man!

A: gm said if you say "Thank You" then treat makan! hehe!

B: Ok when u free to meet up?

A: u forgot that I am jobless n free most of the time! 
I am only not free to those that seek free wenshi!
B: Hi FaShi, many thanks for ur time today n teaching n pointing to my karmic entities which I've been wondering about them for sometime...
n fr some "seeing n feeling" somehow I cannot explained of my obstacles, 

the stretching also hit on d nail of my prolong problem. 
And many thanks Guru n my main yidam heard my problems n lead me to u.

A: Hehe! yup! thank guru n be good:)
B: Ya

Dear all, 
I met this student and had a real Fun & Fruitful time! :)

This student has a myriad of "past lives" which she herself has seen as well.
Also she is aware there are Karmic foes with her since young and experienced lots of hindrances and mishaps and almost fatal occurrences as well.

What surfaced "at a glance"?
An army general who is uncompromising, arrogant, and taken lots of lives in that lifetime. 

The other ones? No comment at the present moment. :)

What has she seen?
Self as Lama in Nyingma sector in year 1813 - the year seemed to be printed very clearly across her or the Lama's forehead! :)
Other past lives mostly as male.

Her health is the most prominent factor affected by karmic negatives.
I checked her pulse too.

During the meeting, the middle finger on my right hand starts to "pull"!
I told her that she needs to work on good affinity with all.

Instructing her to chant Guru's mantra silently, I shared "Light of Affinity" with her for a while.

She is one that knows and can feel light blessing! 

I shared lots of Basic technique and light transformation with her, based on the first 7 steps of the 4 Preliminaries Sadhana too.

It is easy to teach those that has relevant and inherent "Potentials"!


A conducive vessel saves lots of time and effort, truly!!!

Further advice: she still has to work on her karmic negatives.

I also recalled the dream sighting of the time when I am a 15 year old boy being coronated as the dharma king amidst a sea of bright maroon clothed.

AND, I wonder what will happen when all these followers in "lama attire" show up at the same time?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef 

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