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禅宗公案 Zen Koan - 大颠与韩愈 Da Dian & Han Yu

Emperor Tang Xian Zong believes highly in Buddha Dharma, welcoming in Buddha's sarira into palace to pay respectful offering.

有一天,殿中夜放光明,早朝时群臣都向皇帝祝贺,只有韩愈不贺,并陈 “谏迎佛骨表”,斥佛为夷狄 (means others not from own tribe),触怒了对佛教虔诚信仰的皇帝,于是被贬到潮州当刺史。
One day, these sarira emitted bright light at night in a palace hall, and during morning court session, all court officials congratulated the Emperor except one, that is Han Yu, who submitted a "List on the welcoming of Buddha's bone relics"; pointing out that Buddha is foreign, annoyed the staunch Buddha believing Emperor, and punished by sending him off to Chao Zhou as provincial governor.
At that time, Chao Zhou is in the southern wilderness, yet to develop culturally, Zen Master Da Dian's ways are widespread and deeply respected by the great population there.

Han Yu heard about this high monk of this place, one day with mindset of seeking advice on his problems, he paid a respectful visit to ZM DD,
at that time, ZM was about to enter Zen Sitting, no good to go forward to ask questions,

因此,苦等了很久,侍者看出韩愈的不耐烦,于是上前用引磬(Cited Chime)在禅师的耳边敲了三下,轻声对禅师道:
Thus, he waited agonisingly for quite long, care-giver can see through Han Ya's impatience, thus went ahead to use the Cited Chime to strike 3 times near the Zen Master's ear, softly said to Zen Master:

First with Stationary Movement, then extract with wisdom.
Care-giver's mean that ZM's Zen Meditation has already sparked Han Yu's prideful heart, now should use Wisdom to extract his fixation,
at these words, Han Yu immediately pay respect and bid his farewell, he said:     
Fortunate to gain information from care-giver's mouth.    
This time, Han Yu do not seek advice.

Not long thereafter, the doubtful lump in Han Yu couldn't resolve, he again went to pay respectful visit to ZM DD, asking:   
Can I know how many spring autumn has reverend?
ZM holding the chanting mala said: Can you? (Or "Do you know"?)   
Without understanding his meaning, Han Yu said: Cannot! or Don't know!    
Day night one hundred eight.  
Still unable to understand the meaning, Han Yu pay another visit the next day, when he reach the doorway, he saw a little monk, and went forward asking:
Can I know how many spring autumn has reverend?

Little monk remained silent but gritted his teeth 3 times, Han Yu seems like dropping into a 5-mile fog, again he entered to meet ZM DD, seeking advice, ZM likewise gritted his teeth 3 times, then Han Yu seemed to have some realisation, saying:
So Buddha Dharma don't have 2 sections, all the same.   



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Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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