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出世为王 Born to be King

Terjemahan Indonesia: Terlahir Untuk Menjadi Raja

Prophesies and Childhood

Both Buddha Shakyamuni and Guru Rinpoche prophesied Tsongkhapa’s birth and attainments.

At the time of Buddha Shakyamuni, a young boy who was a previous incarnation of Tsongkhapa presented a crystal rosary to Buddha and received a conch shell in return.

Buddha prophesied Manjushri would be born as a boy in Tibet, would found Ganden monastery, and would present a crown to my statue.

Buddha gave the boy the future name Sumati-kirti (Blo-bzang grags-pa, Lozang-dragpa).

Guru Rinpoche also prophesied a monk named Lozang-dragpa would be born near China, would be regarded as an emanation of a great bodhisattva, and would make a Buddha-statue into a Sambhogakaya representation.

Several indications before Tsongkhapa’s birth also indicated that he would be a great being.

His parents, for example, had many auspicious dreams that their child would be an emanation of Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri, and Vajrapani.

His future teacher, Chojey Dondrub-rinchen (Chos-rje Don-grub rin-chen), was told by Yamantaka in a vision that he (Yamantaka) would come to Amdo (A-mdo, northeastern Tibet) in a certain year and become his disciple.

Tsongkhapa was born in Tsongkha (Tsong-kha), Amdo, in 1357, the fourth of six sons.

The day after Tsongkhapa’s birth, Chojey Dondrub-rinchen sent his main disciple to the parents with gifts, a statue, and a letter.

A sandlewood tree grew from the spot where his umbilical cord fell to the ground.

Each leaf had a natural picture of the Buddha Sinhanada (Sangs-rgyas Seng-ge sgra), and was thus called Kumbum (sKu-‘bum), a hundred thousand body images.

The Gelug monastery called Kumbum was later built on that spot.

Tsongkhapa, Atisha, 6th Zen Patriarch Hui Neng, .... are previous lifetime of GM Lu.

Cultivation's attainment is something that One can accumulate & bring forward to One's next life!

The sentient ruler of a certain country or piece of land, is subjected to Impermanence. That is this ruler has a short lease or control only.

In GM Lu's speech during the Autumn event in Seattle, He said that name/fame; wealth; .... are Hindrances to yoga.
He said there are VMs that are greedy of fame and money.
He also said that the 5 Buddha crowns atop the VMs' head, means GM Lu empowered the 5 Buddhas to sit on these heads!
His meaning? 
Obvious that most with these crowns do not know the significance!

As predicted: The 5 Buddha Crowns Craving of most sentient minds, can be appeased by Physical Form of these crowns as Head-dress and to these sentient minds, they denote the License to seize others' wealth and enslaving them! 

As I have stated: These crowns became a commodity "traded" when GM Lu's hand was "directed" to give them out as per recommendation by sentient minded students!

Evidenced by GM Lu's statements like:
Most of these VMs sitting beside me, have yet to yoga with me!

Sakyamuni Buddha stated that Above & Below the Sky, He reigns Supreme!

A Buddha still maintain this Reign in various forms or kayas, but a sentient ruler or king lost everything upon death or being overthrown....

GM Lu questioned the newly ordained at the Autumn event AND despite HIS sharing of Maha Perfection Dharma to date, the answers were far from enlightening!

Dear all,
please pay due attention and diligence to what GM Lu shares and practice accordingly, IF You want to be Free from repeated transmigration within the 6 realms and most important, prevent Self from going through countless cycles in the 3 Lower realms!

A student texted me and asked: Fashi, why you didn't come to Seattle's Autumn Event?


Remember the story that I shared in this blog recently?
A thought from a sincere Mind/Heart resulted in Buddha telling the one that physically went to greet him and welcome him home that She is not the First to do so!

GM Lu also said that the Invisible are more worthy!


No Forms!

Dear all, with your Dharma knowledge learned, try and help the newly ordained in replies to GM Lu's "为何出家?" (Why be ordained?)

Have Fun! 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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