Monday, September 28, 2015

华山论剑 Swords Competition in Hua Shan

Terjemahan Indonesia: Pertandingan Pedang di Hua Shan

From the above: The 4 Qualities of Consideration.

勇 - Bravery
智 - Wisdom
敏 - Agility 
仁 - Humane 

Quoted from 华山论剑 (成语典故):

A scenario, Swords competition in Hua Shan from Sword-fighting novel <Condors Heroes> by Mr. Jin Yong.

Originally means kung-fu competition held in Hua Shan, its an open to all to match skills or knowledge to compete for recognition.

All competitors from each place are experts in their field

Compete fairly, without dark or evil plotting.



The above is a topic for my new assignment! 

TBS has her own <真佛论剑 True Buddha Swords Competition>, which GM Lu instructed early this morning to study as my "homework"! 

The instructions: 华山论剑 ~ 真佛论剑.

Articles can be found in 真佛論劍.

Therefore, after the Zen Koan Series, I will start sharing GM Lu's articles listed under the TB swords competition series. 

Now, please bear in mind that only the topmost were allowed to participate in the Swords Competition.

The Criteria for True Buddha Swords Competition?
Buddha Dharma; Wisdom and Humane or Boddhicitta!

Now, it might be good to look at the [ilovegm] forum again, as well as those perceived as their opponents or defamators!

One must always have MORE THAN ONE VIEWPOINT!

Maha Mudra - Maha Perfection - Zen - One armed with adequate ammunitions from all these can then qualify as a participant!

Also bear in mind that in Buddhism, No dispute - thus the word competition or match or debate..... should be perceived with the 8-fold noble paths! 


Pure Karma put up a notice to all that formed Groups in Facebook attempting to match skills in Buddha Dharma to please refrain from tagging or sharing or involving Pure Karma or Lotuschef, in any of their battles!

Link as follows: Notification on Facebook Group Invitations

The other ones like one from TBS' admin named: The Enlightened Buddha, is also another of such depicting "Sentient Squabbles in Sentient Mud-pool"!

A frog in a very very deep well! 
What vision!!! :)

If you do not want to join this frog in the very very deep well, please wake up now and put in due diligence to study & cultivate authentic Buddha Dharma!

I am not showing Dualism by saying Authentic and Fake though! 


Stay tuned!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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