Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fight 斗

v. fought (fôt), fight·ing, fights
a. To attempt to harm or gain power over an adversary by blows or with weapons.
b. Sports To engage in a boxing match.
2. To engage in a quarrel; argue: They are always fighting about money.
3. To strive vigorously and resolutely, as in trying to overcome something; contend: fought against graft; fighting for her rights. See Synonyms at oppose.
a. To contend with or oppose with violence or in battle.
b. To wage or carry on (a battle).
c. To contend for, as by combat: "I now resolved that Calais should be fought to the death" (Winston S. Churchill).
a. Sports To box against (an opponent).
b. To participate in (a boxing match or other similar contest).
c. To cause (a boxer or other contestant) to fight in a match.
a. To contend with or struggle against: fought his boss over every penny; fought temptation.
b. To try to prevent the development or success of: fought the attempt to close the school.
c. To try to extinguish (an uncontrolled fire).
4. To make (one's way) by struggle or striving: fought my way to the top.
1. A confrontation between opposing groups in which each attempts to harm or gain power over the other, as with bodily force or weapons.
a. A physical conflict between two or more individuals.
b. Sports A boxing match.
3. A quarrel or conflict: newlyweds having a fight over chores.
4. A struggle to achieve an objective: a fight for the attainment of civil rights.
5. The power or inclination to fight; pugnacity: I just didn't have any fight left in me.

Phrasal Verb:
fight off
1. To defend against or drive back (a hostile force, for example).
2. Baseball To hit (a pitch) into foul territory, especially in an effort to avoid being struck out.

A student said: It is bad for image to have fighting within the school amongst GM's students!
Can cause new comers to back away and some to leave.

I asked: Is there fighting?

Dear all, from the above definition of Fight, there should be presence of 2 or more people, and with opposing viewpoints, agree?

GM Lu explained the "Alone on the moon concept" again, today.

任运 - to execute at will 

An ability of an enlightened one!

When ignorants hit out at Lotuschef, is it considered as  Fighting?


NO! its a one-sided thingy by ignorants wasting their efforts only!

GM Lu also shared the Karma creating and logging concept again.

And HE advised all to do only those deeds that are not recorded or logged!

This is only possible when you know how to Execute at will and transformation to void!

Who fight with who?

The ignorants fighting wars created by their own demons only!

The No Form Concept/ Theory from Diamond Sutra and 6th Zen Patriarch, Hui Neng!
Know it!

It is all shared by GM Lu constantly, have you benefitted from any?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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