Monday, September 28, 2015

禅宗公案 Zen Koan - 说究竟法 Sharing the Ultimate Dharma

ZM Fo Guang shared a koan with a student monk: 
In olden days, most people use lanterns glued with paper and lit candles to light their ways. 
A blind man went to visit a friend, upon leaving, the sky has darken and the friend gave him a lantern to light his way home.
Refusing his friend's good intention, the blind man said:

I do not need lantern, as whether bright or dark, to me the same.
朋友解释道:Friend explained:

I know you do not need the lantern to light the route home, but if you don't bring a lantern, others might bang into you. Thus it is best to bring the lantern.
These words are reasonable, so this blind man took the lantern on his way home, but not far along, someone banged into  him, blind man scolded:

See where you walked? It is as if you can't see the lantern in my hands?
The person on the road other than apologise for the accident, said:

Old brother! you candle already out.
Blind man said: It is the light in your heart that is out, nothing to do with my candle being out.
Those that sighted their own nature, shining prajna and dark ignorance, to this person all the same, no difference, dark worries though cause suffering, bring scotching sun also can grill a person.

Even though it is like this, why don't employ convenience of kind compassion, hold up a lantern (wisdom candle) and shine to light up sentient beings' Heart Lamp?

From all times, sentient beings' heavy self fixation; life death death life; long dark gloomy nights, although have 2 eyes but can't see the passerby in front of own eyes, blaming the blind man's lantern that is out, with own eyes opened but did not pay attention, when own heart's lamp is out, then truly sad!

Likewise, worldly people that have yet to understand the great meaning of Buddha Dharma, everywhere misunderstanding Buddha Dharma, slander the Triple Gems.

Same as people with sight banging into blind man's lantern and still blame the lantern for not being lighted.


Dear all,
Has the word "ZEN" & "KOAN", frightened you to read further?

:) Hope not!

These series are such interesting ones and from various angles or perspectives.

Don't miss out!

In this story, there are conflicting points presented by the blind-man.
Can you find them?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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