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禅宗公案 Zen Koan - 古镜未磨 Old Mirror Before Polish

Above: Mirror used in olden days.

有道禅师当初行脚时,路过一间卖茶的茶坊,因为口渴,就顺道进去想喝杯茶小憩一下,店主一看是位云水僧(Travelling Monk) 就热忱招呼,并且问道:
In the early days of starting to be a travelling monk, You Dao ZM passed by a tea shop and stepped in to quench his thirst. Shopkeeper upon seeing a travelling monk, warmly serve him saying:
Zen master! You have suffered? want to drink tea?
ZM YD only use a common glance at the tea rack, nodded and remain silent.


Shopkeeper seems like an expert in Zen Dao, carefully said:
I think you are a Zen Master of great depth! Zen Master! 
Little me (Humble form of addressing self) has a question to seek your teaching, if you tell me, then I will gong-yang you! How about it?
ZM YD : You can ask!

Shopkeeper asked: What is Old Mirror before polish?
ZM YD quickly answered: Black as paint.
Shopkeeper asked again: After polishing old mirror then what?
ZM YD answered: Shine on heaven and earth.  
Shopkeeper, unperturbed said: Sorry! pardon me for not going to gong-yang you.

Saying these, Shopkeeper turned around and enter his shop.    
ZM YD was dumbfounded fro a moment, heart thinking:
I study Zen for decades, now can't even match a Shopkeeper, can see his Zen Dao is high!

Thus he vowed to cultivate diligently in retreat, to attain enlightenment.

3 years later, ZM YD again appeared at the tea shop's door-step.

Shopkeeper still warmly greeted him and said: 

He! 3 years didn't see you, still would like to ask the same statement, "What is old mirror before polish"?
ZM YD easily said: From her to Han-Yang not far.
Shopkeeper asked again: After polishing old mirror then what?
ZM YD answered again: Parrot country in front of Yellow Crane Tower.
Upon hearing these replies, the shopkeeper very sincerely said: Please Zen master accept my gong-yang!

Then immediately turned around and said: Waiter! boil tea, boil tea, boil good tea!

This old mirror represent our Self nature, originally or inherently clean & pure, no increase nor decrease, originally self shining, how to differentiate between polished or not.


第二次回答古镜未磨 ‘此去汉阳不远’;

Lovely story? 

The Before and After story of a novice & expert zen master!

Understand why ZM YD weren't serve tea for his first visit and why he was served during his second?

Remember my Body Speech Mind articles in this blog?

Now read those Chats and sieve through their contents carefully, and you can learn to read Body Speech Mind of each writer.

Same with emails/assignments published in this blog.

Have Fun! 

You need efforts to learn, agree?

Giving you answers? Only harm you in the long run!

A good live example is : Answer to enlightenment that LN received from GM Lu! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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